75 Gallon Stocking Suggestions


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Mar 8, 2021
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Central VA
So my 75 gallon tank has been cycled and nitrate, nitrite and ammonia have been at 0 for several days.
We currently have 2 paradise gouramis, 2 corydoras and 9 platys.
I’m looking for suggestions on what other fish I could add to the tank.
I’ve also been thinking of relocating the platys to a cycled, empty 55 gallon tank that my brother has. This way I could be open to fish suggestions for my 75 gal tank! Thank you!
Depending on your GH, I would definitely go for more cory catfish. These are schooling fish, and will be more comfortable in a group.

To find your GH, you can either buy a test kit, take a water sample to your LFS, or look on your water suppliers website or something

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