5.5 gal Hayao Miyazaki tank needing ideas!


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May 24, 2019
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Boy oh boy I've got my hands full with rescaping and maintenance with my 10gal tank today, but I figured I'm on a roll so I might as well begin thinking about my 5.5 gallon!

The concept of the tank is a mishmash of Hayao Miyazaki's films (Howl the black Butterfly Betta to be, well, Howl, Ohmu the dwarf Crayfish to be an Ohmu, the Totoro figurine, the Japanese pagoda... ya catch my drift? (Pun intended)) but plans don't always go as planned and I find myself dissatisfied with what I originally had planned, so I wiped the plate clean and will be redesigning this tank for the two little guys in there. I'll post a list of the plants I have for the tank and photos of items I would like to incorporate into the tank! Any ideas are welcome and I am grateful for ! :) (please excuse the messiness of my room, I have to move a lot of things haha! Seems like my fish aren't the only ones who need a living space rescape)
**= would love to use in design
Hydrocotyle Verticillata- Surplus
Dwarf Hairgrass- 2 Plants
Pogostemon Stellata- 5-7 Plants

Small Sedimentary Rocks- 2
1 large sedimentary rock
1 Malaysian Driftwood** would LOVE to incorporate
3x other driftwood
Empty Bubbler (optional, Ohmu used to like it as his little cave before moving into the pagoda)
False rock lantern**

Then the necessary in the tank;
Totoro Statue
Pink Car (Ponyo Car)

I tried to upload the photo of the tank but it was too big ;v: I'll figure it out later. Just know that the substrate is white sand :)



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