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Dec 5, 2021
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Might as well start with a bare tank picture. The white cord is a temperature probe and the substrate is 60lbs of black flourite sand. After purchasing and washing the sand, I have changed my mind and will scoop out quite a portion of it and use a base of Eco-Complete underneath for the health of the plants. I am currently boiling moopani and driftwood. I have one piece of moopani that is still leaching tannins like crazy. After 3 days and unknown water changes, I may have to just give up on that particular piece.

My livestock was in a 10g that was quickly becoming overcrowded as my 5 Angel babies started to grow. (I do admit that purchasing the Angels was a calculated move on my part to get my other half to agree to a bigger tank ;) ) I also have 1 Pepper Cory, 5 leftover Neons, and 2 other Tetras-I call them "Ham Bone" because I can't remember what they are (Red with black "pork chop" markings on the body). They are all currently residing in a 20g bowfront with all the plants and decorations that came out of the 10g. 5 Angels is a lot for the 36g but my LFS takes in trades for credit so I have a back-up plan as they get larger if I don't lose any along the way. I want to add: Kuhli Loach, Amano Shrimp, and possibly a BristleNose Pleco. The Neons also should be topped up to keep them happy although I may change to a group of Lemon Tetra TBD. My Cory seems very happy being solo.

And so it begins...........


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