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20 Gallon Redo. When Soil Meets Hi-Tech


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Aug 29, 2005
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Hudson, Wisconsin USA
I've recently moved to an apartment and am still in the process of moving all my tanks over. Kinda been procrastinating since its so hot outside. Decided to move my 20 gallon this week though. Since I need to tear it down I am completely redoing the tank. It will be my second soil based tank and will also be high tech eventually.... It will run off the same system as my 55 gallon which will be moved after this tank. I would like to have it run filterless, but I do not know how many fish are in it ATM. So that my not work out right away. I am open to suggestions on capping substrates. It currently has fluorite in it which I could use over the soil or I dig and wash some sand like I did for my other tank. This tank has been have problems with the plants for a while, most likely due to just lack of care on my part. The 20 gallon is home to endlers, lima, amecas, and 2 random rummy nosed tetras. It has 2.75 wpg of PC lighting on it. Picture below is of before I trimmed it a few days ago. I forgot to take a picture when I was done :blush: