stock suggestions

  1. L

    Spotted blue eye and forktail Rainbows

    Hello! New to the forum so forgive me if I do anything wrong posting wise. I have a 30 gallon tank and am so close to finishing a couple of stock ideas but I can't quite yet because I'm looking for top swimmers, I already have a few in mind but I've read conflicting info about the Rainbows. I...
  2. R

    60 gallon stocking? Help!?

    I recently got my 60 gallon tank and I’m not sure what to stock it with. I have 1 male and 1 female dwarf gourami who greatly need an upgrade from their 30 gallon tank. I would love to put them along with a red tail shark and possibly 2 more female dwarf gourami into the 60 gallon. I’d also like...
  3. B

    30 Gallon Stocking List

    I have bought a 32 gallon Bio-Cube with the protein skimmer, VorTech mp10 Power head and the Aqueon 150 watt heater. I plan on buying 25-30 pounds of dry live rock, and live sand. I also plan on putting quite a bit of coral. I have 2 fish I would like to put in but I am not sure on others. I am...
  4. F

    20 gallon tall stocking questions

    tank is not cycled yet, water hardness 17.1 - 18.8. tank is 24 long 12 wide 16 high. i want to put in: 8 neon tetras 2 honey gourami 5 kuhli loaches
  5. C

    African Cichlid 195G, 750L Tank, Please help me Stock witch Suggestions

    I've gotten a new 200 gallon tank (heating, lighting, filtration, decor, the whole shebang); once it's cycled, I'd like to make it an African Cichlid community tank. Does anybody have any ideas for a good combination of African cichlids? "I´d love very bright and vibrant colors :) And how many...
  6. alvintayyw

    Stocking ideas

    Hey guys, this is my 29 gallon tank. Tank has been cycled and the parameters, pH is 7.2 and GH is 80-100 which is soft. What do you think i should have this stocked with? i would like a community tank, things i really want in it are a nice clean up crew...I don't plan on putting plants because...
  7. dazbud

    Upgrading - Lots Of Dilemas

    I currently have a 100L tank with 4 x tiger barbs, 4 x platy, 5 x bosemani  rainbow, 8 x neon tetra and 1 x bolivian ram. Had it for a year and quite happy but want to start keeping slightly bigger fish.  I’m currently thinking of upgrading to a 250L tank from All Pond Solutions.  ...