1. J

    Help! Are My Honey Gouramis Male And/or Female?

  2. M

    Difference Btween Male And Female (Tetra)

    hello, im ali new in this forum and fishkeeping !!!     I WANNA CHECK IF THESE FISHES OF MINE MALE OR FEMALE ?>   THERE IS 1 BLUE AND OTHER 1 IS LIKE DARK BLUE FROM TOP TOTAL 2 FISHES    ....i know these fishes are actually dyed fishes this is not there real color blah blah...   go ahead   p.s...
  3. G

    Please Help Sex My Blue Ram?

    Recently i brought a pair of Blue rams from a guy down at my local pet shop who was convinced they where male and female. opon getting them home and in my tank after a few days i managed to convince myself maybe he was wrong after doing the research i know for shore i have one male but am not so...
  4. Brahmza

    5 German Blue Rams

    So, I have 5 German Blues. I'm not sure whether they're male or female. I've read all of the signs for them being each sex, but all of my rams have traits on each side. One with a high spiked dorsal, but it also has black on its pelvic fin, and small amounts of blue on the outside of its black...
  5. Brahmza

    Sexing My German Blue Ram

    This was the first ram I purchased from my LFS. They told me it was most likely a female. After purchasing two more females and a male(or what I thought was a male), this 'female' changed completely. Colors in the face and fins turned orange, etc. Does it look like a male? The dorsal fin...
  6. 3

    Urgent: Female Crisis

    I have a large well planted female betta sorrority tank. I have only lost 2 females,one no idea the other got egg bound, until last night. My oldest female ripped the face off another girl who sadly did shortly after. She has always been aggressive and may have killed the female Iwho I thought...