java fern

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  1. starlitsunrise

    Java Fern Question

    Hi guys. I just had a question about my java fern. One of my plants has these brown "strings" growing off of it. It also has new leaf growth so I don't think it's dying, I'm just what this could be? Thanks!
  2. scrage


    Woo! So, after finally tying down ALL my plants so the plecos doesn't rip them up, they are all starting to pop up leaves and I am SO excited! Other than CO2 booster, and this Aqueon plant food I have, is there anything else I can do for my new babies? Or is this about as good as I can do? I...
  3. D

    Trimming A Java Fern?

    HI all, I've got a java fern which has basically exploded at the tips into hundreds of tiny leaves with brown roots growing out, which is a little ugly, Is it ok to just cut these small growths off, as I prefer the look of just the long leaves. Thanks, Tom :D
  4. D

    Wierd Translucent Leaves?

    Hi all, I bought a java fern and it was a deep dark green, but the new growth which has happened while it has been in the tank is a pale green and even a bit translucent.   Is this a fixable problem or just normal?   In the pick you can...
  5. coolie

    Further Adventures In A Planted Tank...

    OK, so as per some other threads I started, my CO2 was up and running but folk on here pointed out my flow wasn't right so I corrected it by adding a second external filter FLUVAL405.   This was just a few days before xmas, but no sooner had I corrected the flow issues when the gas ran out and...
  6. PrincessKiara

    Looking For Plants And Fish! (Mexico City, Mexico)

    Hi all! I'm looking to buy multicolored Ramshorn snails and a couple of Half Black Blue guppies for my 238L aquarium (I know they are a large variety of guppy, not to mention beautiful, which makes them perfect for me. I would love for my big fooshies not to eat them lol ) Also, if anyone has...
  7. Aqua Marine

    Variety Of Healthy Plants For Sale

    Plants: Riccia Quantity for sale: Lots - Each Sale will receive a generous proportion! Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: £3 per portion Postage & Packaging: £1.99 Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Photograph: Plants: Duck Weed Quantity for sale: Lots - Each Sale will receive a...
  8. JoebW

    20 Gallon ~ Simple And Clean

    Tank: "Simple and Clean" Size: 20 Gallons ~ Long 30 Inches Long x 13 Inches High x 13 Inches Deep Filter: ALEAS Power Filter 30 Gallons Heater: Top Fin Submersible 100W Heater Pump: Aqueon Circulation Pump 500 Light: Single Clamp Lamp Bulb ~ 5000k 23W Fauna: Farlowella x1 Red Wag Platy x 1...


    My tank has been set up like 6 months now, and still looks really really bare. I've got sand as my substrate, and a bubble wall with green LED's along the back wall. Got a Cambodian theme going on, with a temple and a lion/dog type statue (if anyone knows where I can pick up more of this kind of...
  10. pablothebetta

    Low Maintenance Tank Ideas And A Couple Of Current Problems

    As the title suggests, this topic has a couple of different parts so I wasn't quite sure where to place it - I hope here is appropriate. I've become rather busy recently and my tank is currently in a bit of a state. Plants are dying (java fern turns brown and leaves no longer grow large and...