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  1. V

    More filtration needed?

    When my fish would die in the past, I would always find them in the filter intake. Now I haven't had this problem but I'm afraid my fish don't have enough oxygen. Because it's a 10-gallon filter in a 20-gallon tank. I can't replace the filter because that's where most BB is stored. I'm thinking...
  2. F

    Filter Intake Tube Level

    Hi!! Just wondering if anybody may be able to send over some advice regarding my new filter. The intake tube (the part inside the tank that sucks up the water) is not as far down as my old filter was. My tank is vertical, hexagon shape not square so it’s tall! It’s an aqua clear filter, I’m...
  3. W

    My betta may be dying. I need help.

    I have a sweet little half-moon female bettaI've only had around for maybe a month and a half now. Last night she got sucked into the filter intake (it didn't have a cap and I didn't notice it was defective) and she came out pretty strong once I unplugged it, bent up a bit and missing scales...