1. M

    SOS please help guppy dying?

    I have 3 guppies, 2 baby platies, (being moved soon), and 2 African Dwarf frogs. I just tested the water and 6.8 PH, 0 Ammonia, .25 nitrite, and 5-10 ppm Nitrate. I do weekly water changes but I made the mistake of not letting my tank fully cycle so the last week or so I have been doing smaller...
  2. A

    HELP! African dwarf frogs

    Around 2 weeks ago I bought 3 new African dwarf frogs to live with my current frog (I’ve had him for 4 years) who seemingly all looked healthy and happy! All was well until 2 days ago, one of the new frogs suddenly died. I thought it was just because of stress or age, I found him dead floating...
  3. P


    Hi there, I’m new to the forum to ask advice on what the outcome of my HUGE mistake might be. I’ve had my ten gallon tank for a year now and have 4 platys and 3 snails in it. I’ve been told by the people at my local fish store that this isn’t an overloaded tank as long as I keep on top of tank...
  4. F

    Help! BETTA FISH

    My beloved fish has been sick for about a month now. Ive tried desperately to figure out what is wrong with him and despite all my research I cant figure out whats wrong. He is visable fine scale and fin wise. He isnt constipated. However, he is extremely lethargic. When he does eat, he throws...
  5. K

    Problem with Kuhli loach quarantine

    I bought 4 tiny kuhli loaches today to add to the 6 I already had. When i say tiny i mean TINY—maybe 3/4 inch long and a millimeter or 2 thick and i have a marineland 5 gallon that i use as a quarantine. It has a back panel to hide the filter with some holes in it that i covered with mesh, BUT...
  6. M

    Does this look like dropsy?

    Hi my Betta hasn't been doing well for 14 days now. This is my first one. He's not eating, staying at bottom of tank and not swimming very much. Last night I noticed his fins were fraying so he has fin rot. This morning I put him in a shallow water to help him get to surface easier and...
  7. kitta98


    I think I may have brought a disease into my tank. Ever since I last added my 5 female guppies I have had 5 guppies for two male and three female, and a molly in one tank and recently I think I somehow contaminated my betta tank causing one of my before very healthy bright looking betta to die...
  8. Y

    Need help with my betta.

    Tank size: 55l pH: 7.5 ammonia: dont have a test nitrite: <0.3 nitrate: dont have a test kH: 3° gH: 3° tank temp: 25° (I'll explain why it's low) So the 18th of October I got my first fish a dumbo betta. First day he glass surfed near his air pump which made me turn it off and he stopped...
  9. L

    Please help! Cannot find any info on this

    Can someone please help me? One of my Dalmatian molly fish is going to die if I can't figure this out. I have a 60gallon tank, with 35+ other mollies (they keep having babies and I don't know what to do with them... but that is a problem for a different day). The tank has been established...
  10. Tyler_Fishman

    Please help!

    my rummy nose appears to have tumors inside it, I have no idea what it could be. You can see a patch of discoloration on it. Please help
  11. K

    What is this?

    My 1 year old male guppy has a weird lump in his tail. It is pretty big. He doesn't act like it's affecting him at all. He has had the same tank set up for 2 years it's a 20 gallon. They eat a variety of froazen brine shrimp, brine shrimp dry, algae flakes, and fish flakes. Any ideas to what...
  12. J

    Infection caught to late?

    Hello everyone, I am new here and also new to fish keeping. I have two tanks at the moment (mine,my partners). My partner has a 25 ltr tank with 3 platys in. We noticed recently that they spent a lot of time in the bottom of the tank and looked ill(pale/red gills). I did a water check and the...
  13. N

    HELP! Is my platy pregnant??

    I am new to this hobby and I need to know if my platy is pregnant as I will need to get the proper equipment! Thanks so much
  14. V

    My fish is swimming weird!!

    My German blue ram is swimming up side down and side ways!!!!!! Is 1 gallon big enough for a quarantine tank???? What is wrong with him?? How do I stop it?
  15. D


    hi i have a jackdempsy that ive had for about 3months then he started to get weird lines coming off of his top fin all my nitrates and stuff are normal he is in a 75 gallon aquarium and i would like to know if its something i need to worry about.
  16. H

    Oxygen Problems?! 911

    I have a 36 gallon tank that I just upgraded to. I used the decor and rocks as well as most of the water from the 10 gallon I had before. I went ahead and added my old fish in as the water parameters were testing just fine the day of and the day after. I went and added new fish. Now They're all...