1. Zeoth

    Super Aggressive Rusties

    Hey guys,   So I have a 55 Gal with the following stock:   Yellow-Tailed Acei x7 Yellow Lab x  7 Demonasi x1 Rusties x7 All fish are juveniles,the largest fish are 3 inches max at best.   The rusties are by far the most aggressive fish in the tank. They chase other fish, who come even remotly...
  2. D

    Input For 75 Gallon Tank

    Just looking for a little input on a potential 75 gallon stock list. I recently upgraded from a 55 to a 75, with some fish already in the tank so I'm going to be waiting a few weeks before potentially adding any more fish no matter what. The 55 was set up with fish for about 3 months before...
  3. CoryFever

    Driftwood In A Tanganyika Tank

    I recently bought a nice piece of driftwood at my local LFS with the intention to start up a South American apistos tank. I have changed my mind however, and I would like to start up a tank for the Tanganyika cichlids. I can't return the driftwood, and all my other tanks have no room. The...
  4. CrimsonBoli

    Think I've Messed Up...

    So I have been looking for a pair of Bolivian Rams for the past week. Visited my biggest LFS today and they didnt have any but they had some (what was labelled) 'Rams'  Upon asking advice if they had similar requirements as a BR they said they would be fine. (worried about the PH difference as...
  5. leah2296

    To Rehome Or Not To Rehome.

    I think I am in favour of rehoming but I need advice.   Many cichlids in my tank are 6-10 years old. One of the babies grew up into a big, mean nasty fish and he now rules the tank. He is gorgeous (the photos don't do him justice) but he is absolutely ruthless. He plucked out the eye of another...
  6. gizzmo3017

    Can Someone Help Me Identify What Kind Of Cichlid I Have?

    I purchased this cichlid a couple months ago along with some other cichlids (which all died except a very small fire mouth). Its a really neat fish that swims around and explores all the hiding spots I had for my African cichlids. It may have also killed my mollies
  7. K

    Cichlid Not Swimming Properly

    Hi I recently added a pair of Keyhole cichlids in my 180L tank with Angel, Gourami & blue rams. And just after 2 days, yesterday I noticed one of the cichlid isn't swimming properly, infact having difficulty in swimming. Rest of the fishes seem fine, I test water every week and do regular water...
  8. J

    Rainbow Cichlid Eggs!

    My first set of eggs after 2 weeks first time breeding rainbow cichlids any advice that would help me be more successful? Breeding pair.
  9. crunch7

    Help Needed To Save My Socolofi

    Hi all,   I found that my Socolofi had developed a red spot a week earlier. Despite doing water change and treating the fish with salt the red spot is increasing and now the fin is tearing apart. I have separated the fish however I dont know what to do. Please help me identify and cure this...
  10. LaurenRhiain

    Best Cichlids For 60Ltr Tank?

    Hey all! I now have an empty fully cycled 60 litre tank which I'm going to clean and water check before re-stocking.  I was wondering what the best sort of Cichlids would be for a 60 litre tank? I really need some help and info on this as I'd love to keep Cichlids of a smaller size- any...
  11. M

    Cichlid Acting Weird

    Hello i have a cichlid that uas been not eatimg and hiding. When he comes out he is spazy and shakes. He will dart around like crazy and hide again. Plz help he might die :'(
  12. Corykeeper

    Bolivian Rams Going Up And Down Tank Walls

    I just got 2 bolivian rams from a reputable dealer and now they are swimming up and down the tank walls for hours. If anyone has any experience with this I am really just curious.
  13. S

    22 Gallon Tank- Rehoming My Monsters Dilemma?

    Hi all,   Long time no speak in the FishForums! Back with a dilemma about my fish tanks and welfare. Basically I have a 22 (ish) gallon, quite a long but narrow tank and a Juwel 70 litre tank. The Juwel has been set up for many years and at the moment is healthy but a bit understocked and under...
  14. SmexxyNick

    What Kind Of Fish Is This ?

    I know it's a cichlid, but what kind ? Ram, Demp, Malawi etc   <---- (Picture)
  15. jellychris

    Dwarf Cichlids - Which Is The Best?

    I have a 55 litre filtered tropical tank and I fancy a dwarf cichlid or two. But here's the problem - which would be the most suitable for a community tank? And would I be better off getting one alone or a pair or even three - and of what sex? Thanks, Chris
  16. B

    Need Instant Help With Malawi Cichlid!

    Hi everyone I'm new to keeping Malawi Cichlids. Had the 60l tank set up for about a month and 4 beautiful fish in for a week. One of them is swimming on its side with what I can best describe as a 'scraped side' and looks like its poor fins been attacked. I have absolutely no idea what to do...
  17. FreshwaterAfishianado

    55 Gal. Sa Black(Ish) Water Tank (Pics)

    So I'm starting this journal a little late, the tank has been running a little while now but it has been slow going so I figured I would share what I've done so far.   The original plan was to do a biotope centered around the Lake Valencia Basin in Venezuela, which is the only lake in which wild...
  18. C

    Restarting My Tanks Inside, Opinions On What Im About To Buy?

    Sorry didn't know how to word the title haha!   Ok so my 190 litre 4 foot tank im having a few problems with it and my sand just being sucked into my filter etc so deciding to start fresh (not the fish) and make it look better and have better stuff but am on a very tight budget.   So need to...
  19. mindwarpstudios

    Cichlid Behaving Strangely...

    I went away for just under a week (all feeding was pre-measured and delivered on schedule by the caregiver) and this is what I came back to:   Water Stats Normal: Nitrate 20ppm Nitrite 0ppm Ammonia 0ppm   35% Water Change performed on day of return (similar WC done the day before I left).   All...
  20. S

    What Fish Is This? - Got Him With A New Tank

    If anyone could help it would be great thanks (: I got him in a small tank all alone. Here's a link of a larger photo if it helps...