1. J

    Bristlenose catfish tail rot

    Hi, Can anyone suggest treatment for my bristlenose catfish. Tail is rotting. Bristles on face are fine. Other catfish in tank has no issues. Tank is 150L. No other fish in tank (tetras) have any fin issues. Tail has been slowly deteriorating for weeks. I've tried methylene blue dip/bath for 10...
  2. MylesVinno

    Bristlenose Pleco Eggs Disappearing

    Hi everyone, Recently my bristlenose plecos started breeding (one male and three females). So far two times I have seen the male sitting against and fanning the eggs - around 15 or so. Each day the eggs become smaller in number and after 3-5 days they are gone without a trace. I have one...
  3. cowgirluntamed

    I Got My New Babies!

    Yay!!! My two new super red calico bristlenoses are in!!!! They seem nice and feisty. I have a couple of pictures of one of them. So I thought I would share!! Enjoy!! Ps- they are about an inch long. This one wanted to be on the suction cup of my marineland heater. Lol.
  4. RCA

    Upside Down Bristlenose Plec.

    One of my Bristlenose is lying upside down from time to time. It seemed to start after I put a black and white rock in the aquarium, however this maybe coincidence? I removed the rock during my latest water change last week. Generally he hangs around his man cave, and grazes on Bogwood. He...
  5. T

    Lumps On Bristlenose Catfish

    I’m not a big time fish keeper, so I’m not the most educated beyond the basics, but I do love my fish and am worried about one of them. Can any experts tell me what’s wrong with my Bristlenose? He’s not acting any differently, he just suddenly has these lumps on his head. I’ve already asked on a...
  6. Wigster

    Mix Of Fish For Sale

    I am selling/giving away all of my fish as I do not have the room for the tank in my new place.   The fish for sale are: 1 x Silver Dollar (Quite large, couple of years old, nearly 5 inches in length.) 1 x Bristlenose Catfish (Mouth is a little weird on it, but had it for 2 years now and it's...
  7. mbeer21

    Momo Makes Himself At Home

    I bought a new cave for my BNs yesterday (hoping my Marble is a girl and perhaps breeding might happen) but when I got it in the tank I realized how small it was and was disappointed thinking my big boof-head male BN Momo wouldn't fit in there.   Was pleased to wake this morning to find I was...
  8. Valiant

    Internal Bleeding?

    My BN has a red patch on his/her belly and also red skin on half of his/her body. I heard this could be a sign of Internal bleeding, stress and if he/she is ready to breed. Please help! What should I do?
  9. cheesy feet

    Cheesy Feet's 30 Litre Planted Aquarium

    I'll have to get my proper camera out and take some pictures of the fish and slightly changed layout (the rock is now vertical, with the moss attached with some plant netting), but here's some pics from my phone: [/URL]   Sooo. I got bored and decided to set up another little planted aquarium...
  10. S

    Bristlenose Eggs - Are They In Danger?

    One of my male BN is harbouring his eggs in his cave I'm just curious whether I should move them. They're in a tank with about 12 corys 6 peppered 6 Julii and about 8 or so other BN 6 female 2 male and 8 rummynoses.    - Thanks Smelliot
  11. ReddSamurai

    Fishy Pictures

    sorry about the poor camera