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  1. C

    Add More? Or Nahh?...

    I have a 5 gallon tank that currently has 2 crabs in it with no fish. I've read some things that say 1 crab is plenty for a 5 gallon tank and others that say it easily fits 6. I think 6 is way too many for a tank that size. I want to add 1 or 2 more but do you think that'll be too many for the...
  2. kiwi210

    Thinking About A Possible Brackish Tank-I Have A Few Questions On How

    I have a lot of experience with saltwater and freshwater tanks but I never had a brackish. I'm a little confused on how to get one started. Does it need live rock? What should the specific gravity be? What type of substrate should I use? Is it possible to do a nano tank? 
  3. Ranchu

    My Freshwater Eel

    Just sharing my Freshwater Eel      
  4. O

    Upgrade Current Tank

    Hello everyone,   I am in the process of upgrading my brackish tank.  I have an overstocked 55 gallon and am moving everyone up into a newly acquired 150 gallon.  I have cycled the 150 gallon with 10 assorted mollies and by seeding with gravel from the mature tank.  Ammonia and nitrite have been...
  5. alexshaw

    Need Help With Pleco Fins Splitting. =(

    Hey so i got this gold spot pleco and have had him for about a month and a half i have brackish water which my fish love. I have mollies guppies sword tails and 2 silver sharks. couple weeks ago i noticed some white spot starting to form so i quickly treated it with wonder tonic. It did the...
  6. Doomchibi

    Can I Use Less Water Conditioner For My Water Changes?

    Recently I tested my relatively new 29g brackish aquarium's water, and it turns out my nitrites and nitrates are both very high.   My tank's water is reading as: 7.8 PH, about 180 KH, 0 chlorine, Nitrites I think around 7 or 8, the color is brighter than my chart so it may be higher, and about...
  7. Gentz1005

    29G Brackish Tank

    Just got a blue neon goby for my tank today. Pics..,
  8. Mads

    Brackish Tidal Tank With Gobies

    Hi all   It's about time that I introduced myself after enjoying the forum for a while first.   I'm a dane with a passion for gobies and brackish waters.   My main tank is W130*D30*H35 cm with a beach area and many plants such as eloacharis, glossostigma, anubias, java fern, crinum thaianum...
  9. RedSandman

    Hi People

    Hi,   Just joined the forum and thought I would say hi to everyone.   I'm just setting up a small tank and thought I would try a brackish tank with Mollies (Peocilia latipinna or P. sphenops). Looking for advice and other peoples experiences.   K.
  10. G

    Halfbeak Mouth Fungus

    I have a 55 Gallon Brackish with 6  young Celebes Halfbeaks, 3 young Scats, a green spotted puffer and a Knight goby.  They used to be in two tanks, but a couple of months ago, one sprung a leak and I had to combine them.  I guess because they were suddenly all together it stressed the halfbeaks...
  11. simonero

    Alright.. What Else Can I Put In This Tank? F8 + Bumblebee Goby

    My flounder has been missing for a very long time and I have a very strong feeling he was slowly poisoned by nitrite during cycling.  =(  If possible, I'd like to put something else in my tank to "replace" him.   I currently have a 10gal in the very early stages of brackish transition.  It's...
  12. simonero

    Am Being Told I Need To Transition To Brackish, Have Some Qs..

    I have a 10gal freshwater tank that is still cycling with a very young, hogchoker flounder.  I believe I am about a week into my cycle since the last full-water change (I was having some issues).  I am of the understanding that, even though he may have started out in freshwater, I will need to...