1. G

    My First Cichlid Tank!

    So I am new into having an aquarium, and i am interested in cichlids. African cichlids to be specific. I bought a 10 gallon tank, with a filter that has a bio-wheel. It cleans the complete tank 10 times in a hour. (Sorry, i don't know what you call this) The guy at my LFS told me i could have...
  2. T

    5 Gallon Or 10 Gallon?

    Completely new to this forum. I have experience with many frehwater aquariums but have never tried saltwater till now. I don't have a ton of extra spending money, so keep that in mind. All I want is basic solid nano tank.I want to be able to keep a few basic corals and few small fish. I...
  3. mikerawr

    I Don't Know What Fish I Have.

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and a beginner at keeping fish. I've had a tank for a year now and I've made numerous additions and deletions to the flora throughout this time. However, I've had pretty much the same fish for this entire time. I started with some tetras and my friend put some...
  4. S

    Ammonia Levels At 8.0 Ppm! Help!

    Hello, We recently noticed that out tiger barbs were just laying around, not eating as much, and losing a lot of color. We are beginners so we do not know much about taking care of fish tanks. It is a fairly new tank it is about 2-3 weeks old. So we bought an API Liquid Test kit and the levels...
  5. G

    How Many Cichlids

    I Was Thinking Of Getting A 120L Tank, And I Was Wondering What Type Of Cichlids Am I Able To To Put In And How Many Well, these are the details for my fish tank:
  6. M

    Advice On Stocking My First Tank!

    Hi guys! Im really new to this hobby. I had a tropical tank when i was like 13 but that's it! haha I am just in the process of cycling my tank ready for the first lot of fish to be put in but i wanted to check i wasnt putting a stupid combo of species in with each other! I was thinking of neon...
  7. Vibora

    First Tank! Corydoras Species Id And General Questions

    Hello, while I do know a bit about fish thanks to growing up surrounded by fish tanks, I've never had my own. I've fed my parent's tank and often discuss the fish with them. So I do understand compatibility, water quality, temperature, various diseases etcetera. My mother has always told me that...
  8. BlueOrchide190

    Are My Platies Pregnant Or Just Fat? & Is This Normal?

    Hello! I need some insight...   I have 2 female platy that I purchased at different times during the last 3 weeks. One is a blue mickey mouse platy, and the other.... I'm not sure, lol. It looks like this, though...
  9. BlueOrchide190

    Hello From New Brunswick, Canada! :)

    Hello there!   I've got a couple questions to ask that motiviated me into making this account, but I figured I'd pop in here and first introduce myself! My name is Christina, and I'm from a small hub-city in New Brunswick, Canada. I have just a 5 gallon fish tank so far that I've had for about...
  10. G

    Planning A Marine Aquarium

    Hi Everyone,   I'm thinking with the possibility of starting a marine tank. The tank I have is 115L or 25 UK Gallons with an Eheim external filter and blue LED and fluorescent lighting.   I have read all the warnings, how to care etc etc so I don't really want to be bored with that, but I want...
  11. livvyy

    Considering Getting Corys

    So I am considering getting dwarf cory's. Only thing is that I have gravel (pea sizeish pebbles) substrate and some people have said yeah its alright other say no I shouldn't because they prefer sand (which I know) I am considering getting like a mini sandbox for them in one of the areas of my...
  12. J

    First Reef/marine Aquarium

    Hi All, I apologize for any stupid questions or assumptions in this post, please correct me on everything. I have a Juwel Lido 120 litre aquarium with an internal filter, tropical setup and three juvenile red bellied piranhas. Any way the RBPs will soon outgrow the tank and I will want to...
  13. B

    Rio 125 For Newbies

    Hello I'm looking for some advice. I have recently purchased a Rio 125 with fitted filter. Since then I have brought some rocks, ornaments, a background and gravel. Now before my next steps I have a few questions: 1) Do I need an air supply? 2) Do I need to test my water? 3) How long do I have...
  14. J

    Help With Info On Blue Dolphin Cichlid - Beginner With Fish!