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  1. Ken Sauer

    Cherry Barbs Eating Dwarf Hairgrass

    I just spent a mint on Dwarf Hairgrass and my cherry barb males are pulling it out and eating it. Any suggestions or are they going to just ruin it? Thanks
  2. Ken Sauer

    Instant Cycle with cycled water?

    My daughter just bought a 3-gallon betta tank. She set the tank up and then used water from a well-cycled tank with excellent water parameters as the water in the new tank. Is the tank now cycled and ready for a fish? Thanks
  3. Ken Sauer

    Should I move the rest of my Honey Gouramis to my 10 gallon?

    I have a 125 Gallon and a 10 gallon. In the 125 I have approx. 30 small fish including Zebra Danios, Candy Canes and Cherry Barbs. I did have Corydoras in the 125 but 6 of them died. I believe they could not compete with the others for food. I moved the remaining 4 corydoras to the 10 gallon...
  4. Ken Sauer

    What is Killing my Corys?

    Approximately 2 months ago, I purchased 6 young corys and put them in a 10 gallon quarantine tank. After quarantine, I added them to my 125 gallon community tank. Then, I got 4 more young guys and put them in the 10 gallon. Within a week, one of the 4 got a bladder infection. I took the the...
  5. Ken Sauer


    It's magical, is it not, that there can be such other as fish and we can find such kinship and love in them?
  6. Ken Sauer

    Small Tropical Fish in 125 Gallon

    The Cory's are hilarious (8 of them), Zebra Danios are feisty and fun (8 of them), Cherry Barbs try to keep up with the Zebras (7 of them) and the Candy Canes are mellow and do their own thing (12 of them) in a 125 gallon tank. Fun stuff
  7. Ken Sauer

    Trying to figure out a way to feed everyone without feeding too much

    Someone gave me some black worms suggesting I drop them into my 125 gallon tank. He said they will live in the substrate, they are good for the tank and my peppered corys will root them out and eat them. I have 8 Corys, 8 Zebra Danios, 7 Cherry Barbs and 12 Candy Canes I am trying to figure...
  8. Ken Sauer

    Help!!! Is my Cory Dying???

    One morning last week I came downstairs and found this Cory like this. I got a net, thinking he was dead, but as soon as I was about to scoop him out he "woke up" and went back to normal Cory behavior. Tonight is different. He has been doing this for two hours. I am able to wake him, but he...
  9. Ken Sauer

    125 Gallons with small fish

    We are on our way: 8 Zebra Danios, 7 Cherry Barbs and 6 Peppered Corys in a 125 gallon tank. Very happy fish. Soon to come (they are in quarantine): 4 more peppered corys and 12 Candy Cane Tetras ( :
  10. Ken Sauer

    Good Tank mates

    Do Cherry Barbs and Zebra Danios make good tank mates? Thanks
  11. Ken Sauer

    How many peppered Cory's can you put in a new tank at a time?

    I have an 125 gallon tank and a 10 gallon tank I'm going to use for quarantining. The 10 gallon tank is just recently up and going. Once it is cycled, I plan to start buying young peppered corydora catfish which will (after quarantine) be added to the 125 gallon tank. I'm wondering how many...
  12. Ken Sauer

    quarantining fish

    I have 8 Zebra Danios in a 125 Gallon tank. My next additions will be 8 peppered cory catfish. How do I go about the quarantine process? I am getting so much conflicting advice all the way from pre-treating them with medicine to just keeping them in a quarantine tank for 1 week. Also, does a...
  13. Ken Sauer

    Friends for Zebra Danios

    I bought 8 Zebra Danios for my 125 Gallon tank. They are now the only ones in the tank and seem to be having a ball. I was planning to have a true community tank, but I'm thinking that fish are probably more happy just with their kind--causes less stress. I plan to add 8 peppered corys and then...
  14. Ken Sauer

    Warning!!! Fluval kills fish!!!!

    Don't learn the hard way. Don't trust the box, the instructions, the promises. Fluval kills fish!!!!
  15. Ken Sauer

    Fluval Aqua Clear Murdered my two Peppered Corydoras within 24 hours!

    What is up with the Fluval Aquaclear 110 power filter. I have two of them in a 125 gallon tank. Within 24 hours 2 perfectly healthy peppered corydoras (which we had grown very close to) were sucked up into the filter and brutally killed. There is no warning, that I can find, in any of the...
  16. Ken Sauer

    Peppered Corys in 125 Gallons

    I currently have 2 peppered corys in a 125 gallon tank. I plan to add 4 more. Is that enough for 125 gallons?
  17. Ken Sauer


    I bought some plants from a fish store this past Sunday, now I have a few of these on my aquarium. Are they snails? Would they have been on the plants?
  18. Ken Sauer

    What type of filter do you suggest for a 125 gallon tank?

    The person who owns our local fish store suggested to me that I use 2 Fluval AquaClear power filters (for tanks 60-110 gallons) that hang on the side of the tank rather than a Fluval FX4 Canister. He says the canisters are too complicated and too many things can go wrong. Agree or disagree?
  19. Ken Sauer

    New 125 Gallon Tank. Stocking ideas?

    I just bought a 125 gallon tank. I plan to stock it with smallish fish. I have a 10 gallon with peppered cory's and Seprae Tetraes. They will, of course, go in. Any ideas for good mates for a nice community 125 gallon tank? Thanks. Ken Sauer
  20. Ken Sauer

    stocking 75 gallon tank with small fish

    I am planning to purchase a 75 gallon tank and stock it with small fish: Serpae Tetras (6-8), Pepper Corys (6), and maybe two other compatible small species in schools of about 6. I want them to have enough room to enjoy life and be able to swim. What do you think?