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    Tankmates For Betta In 5 Gallon

    wouldnt hurt them at all. They do like to borrow so sand is "better" but they will still squeeze between the gravel. I love snails!!! they serve an important purpose and can be as interesting to watch as the fish! cheers
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    Aquarium Nightmares....

    Anubias is a great choice. Also elodea is another great choice (and cheap to boot!). Does well in low-mod lighting and bettas really like the stuff (from my experience anyway). cheers
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    Betta Flaring

    Ive had a few lazies that wouldnt flare for anything. I wouldnt worry too much about it unless his behavior is otherwise questionable. cheers
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    Help! I Think My Betta Is Ill!

    The fish looks to be in GREAT condition, especially given your description of his behavior. It is common for bettas to "change" color or "grow into" their color. Red being the most common as it is the dominant gene. Thanks for sharing the photos. Hes lovely! cheers
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    Bubble Filter

    They do make 25 watt preset heaters at Walmart or similar store. They are small and do a great job keeping the temp stable. Ive never had a problem with any of the dozen or so ive had. just a suggestion. Better to look into that than use a lamp and risk frying the fish. cheers
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    Which Tank Would Be More Suitable?

    Reading the reviews on the 2 products I personally would opt for the second option. Not only is it slightly larger but the filtration seems better. The reviews on the first one state there is no filter guard. You would have to make one or risk your bettas tail getting tattered. Also there were a...
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    Tankmates For Betta In 5 Gallon

    Shrimp are a good choice but make sure there are lots of plants and hiding places. They add very little to the bioload of the tank but are very sensitive to even slight spikes of ammonia, which is why many dont last too long in small tanks which are more subject to swings in water chemistry...
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    New Betta! :d

    why not just break the pellets up a bit? Smash em up a little before you feed him. His fins dont look too badly. With clean water, less stress and good food he will heal in no time. Feed a few extra bloodworms/ week. Id certainly give longer than a week before you start with any sort of...
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    Little Worms?

    If they suddenly appeared with the introduction of new plants they are probably tubifex worms (very thin and reddish and live in the substrate) Fish LOVE to eat them. They should diminish with the fish eating them and also dont over feed and give good gravel vacs/substrate cleans with each...
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    Can I Risk It?

    you basically just "cloned" your mature filter. There was enough bacteria to handle to bioload of the single betta. Test once a day for a week and if stats still good, you can just do once a week testing and say, 30% waterchanges accordingly. cheers!
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    My Red Betta

    difficult to say without a photo but he may have been getting his fins nipped. with separation and clean water his fins should heal on their own. cheers
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    Female Or Young Male?

    need a better pic of the fish not resting on the bottom and not so "head on"...ive had a few females who regularly built nests. And they were VT so easy to identify the sex. cheers
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    Betta Tail Identification Confusion

    Agreed delta. cheers
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    Bubble Filter

    I keep bettas in 1gal tanks with home made sponge filters (air driven) and heaters (small ones-25 watt you can purchase at Walmart or similar store). Make sure you cycle the filter first or do water changes everyday until stats stabilize. My bettas do not die a premature death or suffer in any...
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    Betta Trouble

    Ive kept guppies with nearly all the bettas Ive kept with no ill effects to any party involved.
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    Help! Sick Betta! Not Sure Whats Wrong With Fins?

    I recommend 30% waterchanges everyday for a week. No meds in this time. Make sure you are doing gravel vacs with each change. Do not overfeed. Dont use salt if you have any scaless tankmates such as cories otos or loaches. Dose the salt at one tablespoon per 10 gal to start. Be careful with your...
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    What Is This?

    all of the above symptoms sound like internal parasites minus the white spots and fuzz around the mouth which could be from secondary infection. cheers
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    Chai's Finrot.

    if things are improving i would not recommend continueing meds. Only start redosing meds if you see backward progress. Meds are not only hard on the fish and their organs, but also asking for bacterial mutations-and that would be very bad in your instance (or anyone's instance) as you cannot...
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    Breeding My Otos

    to me the oto in question just looks like a well fed oto. Round pot belly. When they are gravid you can actually see the eggs beneath the skin and to the rear of the "belly". They will be rather large (for such a small fish) and yellow-ish in color. she might "egg up" eventually, especially if...
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    Smudge X Snorkel Spawning 15/10/2011

    :wub: Awwwwwwww!!!! They look terrific. So cute with their little orange BBS bellies :D And starting to color up. Super job! And keep the updates coming :) thanks for sharing, once again! cheers