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  1. mark4785

    Vallisneria spiralis and salt

    In some situations I may need to add aquarium salt to my tank, such as when treating disease or when settling down need fauna. I would like to know what concentration of salt Vallisneria spiralis is able to survive? Also, how graduated must the increase/decrease of salt be?
  2. mark4785

    Aquarium temperature idea

    In the context of encouraging spawning how effective/beneficial would it be to temporarily shut the aquarium heater off for a short period of time? My heater is plugged into a smart plug so it is possible to schedule a power off for certain periods of time so was thinking that I could try...
  3. mark4785

    Catappa Leaves Prep

    I have acquired some Catappa leaves to soften my aquarium water. What should I do to prepare them for use in the fish tank beforehand? Are there any risks in using them assuming they are not overdosed?
  4. mark4785

    Sick Discus

    This thread follows on from an earlier thread in which some “aquarium” bogwood was bought from a LFS which lead to fish gasping. I use the term aquarium loosely as it was tantamount to dropping some kind of poison in the tank. Since creating that thread 3 of my smallest juvenile discus have...
  5. mark4785

    Fish gasping when bogwood is in tank

    I bought a large 10kg piece of bogwood recently and placed it into my 300 litre Discus aquarium. Since placing it in there all of the fish have had a faster gill rate and the smaller Discus have been gasping at the surface. I responded by turning the c02 off, doing a 20% water change and turning...
  6. mark4785

    Vallisneria Care

    I have some Vallisneria in my aquarium and I’m aware that certain conditions can cause this plant to die, including temperatures over 29 degrees C and the addition of things like ”liquid” co2 products. Does anybody know if the addition of Catappa leaves would kill the plant?
  7. mark4785

    Filtration system advice

    I have a 300 litre aquarium that currently uses the Betta 1050 external filter. This filters 1050 litres of water per hour. Is the LPH rate of this filter sufficient for this capacity of aquarium or should I be looking to upgrade?
  8. mark4785

    New Discus Not Eating

    Several days ago I posted in Tropical Discussions about how 1 of 3 recently added Discus had not been eating at all. Approx 10 days later it is still not eating any types of food including live brineshrimp, blood worm, BCUK Discus Food mix, pellets, crisps or flakes. It has consistently hidden...
  9. mark4785

    New Tank Additions

    two days ago I added 3x 5cm Discus to my aquarium. 2 of the 3 are squabbling with each other and generally hanging around with the other 3x Discus I have. However, one is separating itself and deliberately making an effort to hide behind filtration components (internal pipe) and bog wood. It is...
  10. mark4785

    Brineshrimp adult care

    I have recently learned about the conditions and equipment needed to hatch brineshrimp eggs and have successfully raised some baby brineshrimp. What I’m now unsure of is how to grow them into adults. Am I correct in thinking that the adults will grow well in a body of cold aerated saltwater? Can...
  11. mark4785

    Flow rate question

    I have a 300 litre freshwater aquarium. What LPH flow rate should I be aiming for to ensure a healthy environment for the fish?
  12. mark4785

    Live brineshrimp safety

    Do live brineshrimp carry any diseases? Is it possible to get a disease-free guarantee on them if they do carry diseases?
  13. mark4785

    Mystery illness in the Aquarium

    For approximately 3 weeks one of my smaller female Discus has become pale, has stopped eating formulated crisp food (it will still consume blood worm directly from a tweezer but will not seek out food), keeps separating itself from the rest and approx. 2 weeks ago it was defecating white faeces...
  14. mark4785

    White patches on Discus

    I have recently noticed that white patches are appearing on 2 of my four Discus. Any help with identifying the disease that they have would be appreciated. Water quality is at 0 ppm for Ammonia and Nitrite and 20 ppm for Nitrate. pH is 6.5 and water temperature is 29 degrees C.
  15. mark4785

    Discus Not Eating

    One of my four Discus is permanently sat at the bottom of the aquarium with slightly faster gill/mouth movements than the rest and appears to have an opaque colour to its entire body. Fins are moving slowly and will sometimes close them against its body for extended periods. It is responsive to...
  16. mark4785

    Corydoras Aeneus Surfacing and Death

    In the past 2 months all of my Corydoras Aeneus have been showing some worrying symptoms. Some of them have receding tail fins or frayed tail fins and one or two keep surfacing for gaseous oxygen as though their gills are incapable of taking up dissolved oxygen in the water. These symptoms are...
  17. mark4785

    Corydoras Disappearance

    I recently treated one of my Corydoras for the Pop-eye condition which it acquired after eating the flesh of a deceased Black Neon Tetra. I decided to turn the fish tank lights off for 48 hours to allow it to rest and recover.   On turning the fish tank lights back on I cannot find this fish. I...
  18. mark4785

    Problem With New Aquarium

    I started to fill my new aquarium up yesterday with fresh dechlorinated tap water. As this is a new aquarium with no filter bacteria growth I transferred some established filter sponges from my pond filtration system to kick start the nitrogen cycle. As of yesterday the water was very clear but...
  19. mark4785

    Discus Not Eating

    My Discus is eating next to nothing at the moment. The water stats show no ammonia, nitrite or excess nitrates. The temperature of the water is 31 degrees C and the pH is 6.5.   Fish is sitting 2cm above the substrate, sometimes with it's head pointing up while moving its eyes around. Other than...
  20. mark4785

    What Do I Do?

    My Pigeon Blood Discus has decided to refuse to eat most of its food. 80% of what I put in, including freeze-dried blood worm, is being spat out. This behaviour began after I did a 50% water change on the aquarium. Having started up the filter after the water change I did notice that the water...