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    Our Son's And Our Dogs

    A few pictures' of our two of our sons with our dogs.. A 4yr old rottie and and American bulldog x Bullmastiff 1 yr old now. Jamie with Zara the rottie Steven with Zara Steven with Ziggy
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    Virus On A Pc No Resore Discs

    My in-laws have got some sort of virus on their PC. :rolleyes: It's an old compaq system with only a 1.0ghz processor with 128mb memory. (well thats what they said it is) running xp :hyper: They don't have any restore disc's with it. So basically I want to ask, is using windows xp black...
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    My Rottie And Youngest Son

    Here is a pic of our rottie zara & youngest son. She never lets him stray far away from us when out on a walk !!!!!!!
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    Been browsing the forum over the last day or 2 before signing up !! Hope to gain some more knowledge. Kept the usual tropical fish / goldfish and some koi Lost my koi as my big 5ftx3ftx2ft burst on xmas eve a few years ago...was absolutly gutted. :-( :-( Got a 30"x18"x15" tropiacl tank...