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  1. rdd1952

    Not really a newbie

    As the post title states, I'm not really a newbie here but I think the last time I posted was in something like 2011. It's been a while. After all that time, I'm setting my 75 gallon back up and getting back into the hobby. Looking forward to having wet pets again. And hope to maybe run into...
  2. rdd1952

    Aqueon Pure Bacteria Supplement

    It's been a LONG time since I posted here but I am setting my 75 gallon back up after 10+ years of having nothing but water in it. I have everything ready for fish with the exception of cycling it. I've had ammonia in it for a little over a week but no drop yet. Since it has been running the...
  3. rdd1952

    Low-Maintenance Coldwater Planted Tank

    I have made the decision that I want to turn my 75 gallon into a coldwater tank for goldfish. Don't ask me why but it's mainly because I need to restock and just don't want to spend the money right now. I can easily move the current inhabitants to my 29 gallon which is also understocked. In any...
  4. rdd1952

    Dog With Heart Murmur

    We had Trixie in to the vet last week for her annual check-up. The doctor said she had a slight heart murmur and asked if she coughed often. I told her she did after running and she said that was probably a result of the murmur. Has anyone else had a dog with this situation and if so, how did...
  5. rdd1952

    Pet Insurance

    Having just taken our dog to the vet for her annual check up and paying a $506 bill for tests and medication (had a slight ear infection and heartworm tablets), I was wondering if others have pet insurance. I've never really considered getting it but checked pricing today and it's expensive.
  6. rdd1952

    What's The Hardest Lesson You Learned?

    Regardless of our current experience and knowledge level, we were all newbies at one time. We all had our knocks, trials and tribulations. What is the hardest lesson you learned as you got into the hobby. It could be that you left the filter unplugged after a water change and didn't realize it...
  7. rdd1952

    Malfunctioning Heaters

    I thought I would throw this out in the scientific section to see what evidence is out there to answer the question. I'm terrible at researching the scientific side of things. Having just read another thread about a faulty heater boiling the fish, I am wondering if the high water temperature...
  8. rdd1952

    Tff Fish Store Directories

    When you search through these, keep in mind that these posts go back as far as 2004 in the UK & 2006 in the US. That means a few things. First, y find some stores listed that are no longer in business or have changed names. Second, if the ownership change, th ratings could quite possibly be...
  9. rdd1952

    March Snow In North Carolina

    We rarely get snow in NC anyway but to get a snowstorm (anywhere from 2 to 6 inches around the Charlotte areas, about 4 inches in my yard) on March 1 is extremely odd to say the least. If the 3 inches of rain we got in the 24 hours before the snow started had all been snow, we'd be snowbound for...
  10. rdd1952

    Curious Octopus Floods Offices
  11. rdd1952

    Unfortunate Porn Spammer Attack

    Unfortunately, as some of you know, we were hit earlier today by another porn spammer. Hopefully, all threads were removed before many members saw them. Thanks to those that reported them. From looking at IP addresses, they were very similar to those from the incident back in October. Hopefully...
  12. rdd1952

    Ammonium Chloride

    Someone just posted on the Fishless Cycling thread about buying ammonium chloride and whether they could use it to cycle their tank.I had never read anything about it or even heard it mentioned as a cycling alternative to "pure ammonia" or ammonium hydroxide. In doing a quick search, I found...
  13. rdd1952

    A Christmas Story

    Ok, it is pretty much a Christmas tradition at our house that we watch the 24 hour marathon on TBS (I know those across the pond won't have a clue about this). We will also throw the Christmas Vacation DVD in and watch it too. How many others out there just don't consider it Christmas without...
  14. rdd1952

    What Is This?

    I have been gone for a couple weeks and just came home to find one of my angelfish with what looks like a parasite. It is protruding like worms or something. None of the other fish in the tank seem to have it and there have been no new fish (or anything else for that matter) added to the tank in...
  15. rdd1952

    Albuquerque Botanical Gardens

    They really had some pretty flowers even though we weren't there at the right time for some. Photos of the aquarium & zoo are also posted.
  16. rdd1952

    Albuquerque Zoo

    We just got back from a trip to Albuquerque. We visited the zoo, aquarium and botanical garden and took way too many photos (almost 400). Giraffe Koala Bear Mountain Lion Polar Bear Prairie Dogs - They were so cute. I wanted to bring a couple home. Small Deer. Can't remember the...
  17. rdd1952

    Albuquerque Aquarium

    We just got back from a trip to Albuquerque and a visit to the aquarium, zoo & botanical gardens. The aquarium wasn't the biggest or nicest I've been to but they did have some nice displays. African Cichlid tank at entrance to restaurant and gift shop. One of the nice features about the...
  18. rdd1952

    Angel Fish - Sick Or Laden With Eggs

    I just noticed a couple days ago that one of my angels is very fat and she is now having problems swimming properly. Her swimming behavior is similar to swim bladder/constipation issues. She looks fine otherwise. I have done 2 water changes to try to induce her to spawn if she is laden but that...
  19. rdd1952

    Albuquerque Aquarium

    We will be going to Albuquerque the first week of June so I have been looking to see what is there to do (besides play golf) and I saw that they have an aquarium. I was just wondering if anyone had been to it and what their thoughts were.
  20. rdd1952

    Need New Bulbs

    I woke up this morning to find 3 of the 4 bulbs on my 75 gallon tank burned out (how in the world do 3 go out at once?). These are the 6700K 65w bulbs that came with the Coralife setup I bought almost 3 years ago. What are my best options for replacing them? My tank is fairly heavily planted but...