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    Our Son's And Our Dogs

    A few pictures' of our two of our sons with our dogs.. A 4yr old rottie and and American bulldog x Bullmastiff 1 yr old now. Jamie with Zara the rottie Steven with Zara Steven with Ziggy
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    How Many Nhl Fans Are Out There?

    I used to watch some games of the NHL years ago on channel 5 !! I used to look out for the NY Rangers. Until my family in Canada said they wouldn't let me stay with them unless I followed the Maple leafs !!!! I see its on ESPN sports channel now, so maybe try and catch up with it again !!
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    What Kind Of Dogs Do You Have/have Had?

    We have 2 dogs. :D 8-) B-) A rottweiler who will be 4 in November & a Bullmastiff x American Bulldog 7 1/2 months old. Zara Ziggy at 6months And ziggy trying to get zara to play with her :hyper:
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    What Pets Do We Have

    Well we've got a tropical fish tank set-up ! The kids have 2 terapins ! :rolleyes: We also have 2 dogs. :D 8-) B-) A rottweiler who will be 4 in November & a Bullmastiff x American Bulldog 7 1/2 months old. Zara Ziggy at 6months And ziggy trying to get zara to play with her :hyper:
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    Razers Fish Tank Build

    Looking good m8 !!! Can't wait to see it all set-up and stocked :good: :good:
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    Strange Goings On

    My twin sons who had never seen my grand-parents due to them passing away. My grandad died before they were born and my gran died 3months after they were born. Whilst my parents were watching them, the twins started to laugh and point above the TV and when my mum asked what they were...
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    What Football

    Glasgow Rangers for me !! And for favorite player..well the last few seasons hasn't been great All time fav has to be the late davie cooper Gazza /Laudrup / Hately or Goram Over the last 5-6 yrs I'd have to go with Dado Prso
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    Virus On A Pc No Resore Discs

    Just a quick update... Gave them a copy of XP Black, and it seems to have solved the problem.. :hyper: So thanks to all who offered their advice Cheers :good: :good:
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    Virus On A Pc No Resore Discs

    When he goes too boot up the pc, he gets the loading millenium professional edition..then computer shuts down !!! He got the pc ages ago from a friend who upgraded, and didnt have any restore disc's for the comp.. So I'm getting hold of tinyxp, which will work on his comp...
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    Virus On A Pc No Resore Discs

    Right, The computer that I mentioned at the start, still has this virus !! Just found out its running windows2000 professional edition ! :unsure: It has AVG on it, but still can't shift the virus, as it cant get past the boot-up cycle ! :crazy: Will xp black be of any use on this comp, or...
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    Nice one.. :good: Reminds me of a staffie we had yrs ago. I tried to get a staffie pup out of the sspca, who stated that I could'nt get one due to having kids as they dont know the history of the dog I wanted...lolol :crazy: I was like, the pups only 9weeks.. :shout:...what history has...
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    Virus On A Pc No Resore Discs

    Thanks for all the replies... It was an old computer someone gave them...So they have NO form of back-up disc's / floopy disks I was hoping to just put windows xp black straight ontot the machine and solve the problem. If that was possible. They can log-in for about 2-3minutes before the...
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    Virus On A Pc No Resore Discs

    Cheers for the replies... I can get most anti-virus software free !! :hey: So will give AVG a try. Hopefully they will just upgrade their comp as its ancient...lololol :lol:
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    Virus On A Pc No Resore Discs

    My in-laws have got some sort of virus on their PC. :rolleyes: It's an old compaq system with only a 1.0ghz processor with 128mb memory. (well thats what they said it is) running xp :hyper: They don't have any restore disc's with it. So basically I want to ask, is using windows xp black...
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    Favorite Band

    I like most types of music really, but totally hate Rap / R 'n' B / Extreme heavy metal.. The Travelling wilburys. Loved their 1st album. But since the Big O (Roy Orbison) passed away before it was completed. I dont think they managed to re-create the effect from their 1st album. Stereophonic's...
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    Should I Buy This Tank?

    I wouldnt buy it m8 I had a very big tank a few years ago..with a small chip at the outside of the tank near that bottom corner...roughly an inch or two from the bottom. It lasted about 8months then burst...try finding a tank on xmas eve...lolol Lost my koi...was really gutted...and neighbour...
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    Hard Drive - Running Out Of Memory

    Vista takes up a hell of a ot of free space, as it makes a back-up of whats on your hard-drive. I only know this, due to reading about it on a forum I'm a member of. They said their was a programme out to stop vista doing this to free up the much needed free space. Also vista use's alot of...
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    Some Update Pics, My 240l & 24l =)

    Nice set up m8... :good: I can't wait to get a new set-up... :drool: :drool: But need to wait a money is tight...and house needs done up...lolol
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    Who Do You Support ?

    A Glasgow Rangers supporter here :good: :good:
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    Ufc, Wec, Cage Fighting

    I love watching UFC and other MMA events. Done a wee bit of kick-boxing, but my temper and bad attitude meant I couldn't get graded :-( I only done it to help keep in shape whilst working the doors in various nightclubs in Glasgow and surrounding areas. But hopefully after I get the all...