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    Low GH & Low KH Help

    Hi all! I have a 200L planted tank with Co2. I am using RO water and the parameters are: PH 6.5 KH1 GH1 I need to increase my GH and KH. I got the Seachem Alkaline buffer to boost KH and was thinking of Seachem Equilibrium to boost GH. Are the above enough for what I am after? Raising KH will...
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    Neo Diffuser help

    Has anyone got experience with the new NEO Diffuser? Looking to get this one and scrap my Proflora JDM inline Diffuser as its very irregular with bubble counts and sometimes it looks like it clogs and no bubbles come out.. Thinking of this. I would appreciate it if anyone who has this diffuser...
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    JBL diffuser issue

    Hi all. I have a feeling I have a problem with my Co2 system I have the JDM M502 and proflora diffuser. I realised that during the day if I have 3 bubbles per second the following day its down to around 1 bubble per second. As soon as I turn the regulator then a million bubbles come back out...
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    Co2 help

    Hi all so I set up my new co2 tank and my bubbles per second is like attached.. is this good? Its a 200L tank.. the co2 indicator is still dark green but i open the regulator and bubbles still have the same bps..
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    Jebao auto doser

    So I just got the Jebao 3.4 autodoser. I calibrated it and all and all was good. I realised that when my auto doser runs a few drops come out and that is it. When I run it manually proper flow comes out compared to when its on automatic program. Has anyone had the same issue??