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  1. rdd1952

    Aqueon Pure Bacteria Supplement

    It takes me to the thread I wrote but the link in it where it says "Mod edit: This article has been superseded - please see this thread on fishless cycling" doesn't work. It makes me log in even though I'm already logged in and when I do, it takes me to a page that says "Your account does not...
  2. rdd1952

    Aqueon Pure Bacteria Supplement

    That's it BTT. But the link to the new thread is dead. It takes me to a page where it asks me to log in but when I do I get "Your account does not have admin privileges".
  3. rdd1952

    Ammonia postive, Nitrite negative, Nitrate positive

    As Essjay said, test your tap water. Your readings are probably coming from there. Aquasafe is only a dechlorinator and won't do anything to help cycle your tank and establish the bacteria colony you need to process fish waste. That can only be established in 2 ways: 1) with fish and water...
  4. rdd1952

    Aqueon Pure Bacteria Supplement

    My son bought some of that to use for the 29 gallon he's setting up. Don't know how it's worked yet though as he just put it in the tank on Saturday.
  5. rdd1952

    Aqueon Pure Bacteria Supplement

    He had not as the one that was pinned when I last posted was actually the one I wrote in like 2005 or so (linked in my signature but apparently no longer working and the post may have been removed).
  6. rdd1952

    Not really a newbie

    As the post title states, I'm not really a newbie here but I think the last time I posted was in something like 2011. It's been a while. After all that time, I'm setting my 75 gallon back up and getting back into the hobby. Looking forward to having wet pets again. And hope to maybe run into...
  7. rdd1952

    Aqueon Pure Bacteria Supplement

    It's been a LONG time since I posted here but I am setting my 75 gallon back up after 10+ years of having nothing but water in it. I have everything ready for fish with the exception of cycling it. I've had ammonia in it for a little over a week but no drop yet. Since it has been running the...
  8. rdd1952

    Geez!...bin Married 36 Years Today!

    Congrats on that too. My first grand child graduated high school on June 12, 2010. Man, I'm old.
  9. rdd1952

    Forum Time

    Appears to be right back to about 7 minutes fast. I have 7:01 PM and it shows 7:08. Odd that it gets to 7 minutes quickly and then keeps normal from there without getting any farther off.
  10. rdd1952

    Geez!...bin Married 36 Years Today!

    A belated congratulations. My wife and I just celebrated our 33rd on June 11.
  11. rdd1952

    Forum Time

    This has been a constant problem going back for over a year. I know Tolak has reset the close numerous times only to have it happen again. Oddly enough, it seems to gain that 5 to 8 minutes back quickly and then run normally.
  12. rdd1952

    Happy Birthday Rdd1952

    Thanks everyone. I've been busy of late and not around much but hope to be able to spend more time here again very soon.
  13. rdd1952

    Voting For May 2010 Potm Competition.

    Had to vote for Henson's cat. He looks exactly like our cat Jasper that we had to have put down.
  14. rdd1952

    Some Questions For My First Tank

    If you haven't been testing your water, how do you know that all is well and good? In actuality, ANY ammonia or nitrite reading in a tank with fish in it is too high, whether that be .1 ppm or 5 ppm, it indicates that the tank isn't cycled and there is a problem.
  15. rdd1952

    Can't View Attachments

    Rather than uploading attachments, if you upload it to a hosting site such as Photobucket or Imageshack (accounts sre free) and then add the URL, everyone should be able to see it.
  16. rdd1952

    April 2010 Pet Of The Month Competition

    Being a dog lover, I typically vote for the dog as there are usually only 1 or 2. With 10 out of 12 entries this month being dogs, this one is tough.
  17. rdd1952

    Au Revoir

    I certainly wish you the best and hope to see you back. Having been downsized twice myself, I know how it feels. Hopefully, the work you are thinking of will work out.
  18. rdd1952

    Welcome To Our Newest Moderator, Loraxchick

    Welcome :hi: It's great to have you join the team!!!
  19. rdd1952

    First One

    In my last desk job, I spent most all my slow time here on TFF. I actually passed the Ghostbusters station wagon on the highway yesterday. I thought it looked odd as I was coming up on it. I guess it was headed to a show or something