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  1. Zante

    Leaf litter: can I use these?

    I've recently bought a house with a nice garden, and plenty of plants. I was wondering if I can use their leaves for my new discus tank as leaf litter. In particular: apple pear nashi cherry almond magnolia black and red currant blueberry plum kaki (persimmon) The trees are not sprayed with...
  2. Zante

    Acrylic tank and ancistrus?

    I'm planning a largeish tank, and I would like it to be acrylic. The price is not really relevant, I've had glass and acrylic quoted and they're close enough at this size to make no real difference. I'd rather avoid glass because it's going to be easier to manoeuvre a 70Kg tank than a 200Kg...
  3. Zante

    Looking for suggestions for nanofish

    I have a 50 litre planted tank that is set up and running. CO2 is set up, but not currently being used. Used to have shrimps in there, but the room will have a large discus tank in the near future, so shrimps (crs at least) are no longer reasonable due to the room's temperature. So, I'm...
  4. Zante

    Found an extra ember tetra

    Looks like my embers spawned, and one survived. This morning I spotted one in the shoal that is far too small to have been bought with the others. I wonder if there are more hiding in the thick foliage, or in the tangle of anubias roots.
  5. Zante

    Litter on tank substrate

    I have a list of safe leaves I can litter the bottom of my discus community tank I can collect in nature where I know it is clean. I also have a stock of alder cones and are planning to add those too. I was wondering if walnut and hazelnut shells can also be added for variety, provided I know...
  6. Zante

    Question about fiddler crabs

    Now that my vampire crabs are almost died out (only one left), I was thinking of setting up the tank for fiddler crabs. If possible, though, I'd rather not rescape it completely. The tank is 80cm by 30cm base. one quarter of it is water, about 6cm deep. There is a sloping "drywall" of stones...
  7. Zante

    Can you see blue rams with pearl gourami?

    I have a 120 litre tank with a pair of blue rams and a small shoal of ember tetras. It is quite heavily planted and has plenty of nooks and crannies. My LFS has some very nice pearl gourami and I've been thinking for a while about adding some fish to this tank. How do you think a male and a...
  8. Zante

    General advice for aquarium in garden centre

    The garden centre where I buy the plants for my terrace (and for the riparium when it'll be set up) has asked me if I'd like to install an aquarium in their heated greenhouse, where they keep the tropical plants. While some plants I ordered are brought in, he's going to give it some thought...
  9. Zante

    Brightwell denitrification brick

    This is the product Has anyone tried in freshwater? I was considering one for my new discus tank, but this is concerning me a bit: D'you think that's likely to affect my soft water? Has anyone tried it in soft water?
  10. Zante

    Acrylic or glass?

    I'm planning a large I should tank, around 900 litres, 220cm long. I'm going to stock discus with starlight plecos, rummynose tetras (possibly ember tetras, I still have to decide) and sterbai corys. What would you go with, glass or acrylic for such a tank? Why?
  11. Zante

    Not exactly a riparium yet

    Since I started researching for the discus riparium I have considered emerged and emersed plants for my other tanks, the freshwater ones at least. So here are my first steps into ripariums. I added these plants today. The plants are spathiphyllum and they're planted in expanded clay pellets...
  12. Zante

    Took me a while, but it's finally set up

    Brackish beach tank for red claw crabs (Perisesarma bidens) I'll probably have to add a few hiding spots, but I have plenty of wood and rocks to choose from. Saturday I'll go and order them.
  13. Zante

    Twin tanks

    I have two 54 litre tanks that are identical (except I removed the bracing from one of them). I'm planning to set up two twin tanks: - one with crystal red shrimps and maybe a couple of apple snails - one with sexy shrimps and maybe a couple of turbo snails both planted. The tanks are at least...
  14. Zante

    Blue ram tank mates

    I'm setting up a Rio 125 for two pairs of GBRs, and I'm looking to get some dither fish. If I was housing discus I'd make a beeline for rummynose tetras, but I'm not too familiar with smaller schooling fish. I'm currently looking at ember tetras, but I'm open to suggestions. I want to have...
  15. Zante

    1200 litre, tank shape

    The tank will be 1200 litres and 2 metres long. It will be set up as a riparium and will contain discus, rummynose tetras, splashing tetras, sterbai corys and starlight plecos. What do you think, 1m base with water 60cm deep or 75cm base with water 80cm deep?
  16. Zante

    Splashing tetras in open tank?

    I'm planning a large discus tank, 1200 litres, which will be open because there will be lots of plants growing out of the water, both emersed and emergent, and plenty of emerging wood for bromeliads and orchids.. I was thinking it'd be interesting to have a group of splashing tetras, and all...
  17. Zante

    Looking for suggestions

    I'm planning 1200 litre tank for discus after I've settled into the new place. This is what the stocking I'm looking at is: 8 discus (probably LSS) 40 rummynose tetra 30 sterbai cory 5 L183 starlight plec It might look low for that size, but I prefer underpopulated tanks, and anyway it's a lot...
  18. Zante

    Found rummynose fry

    Pity they'll have to die, since the tank has been drained and will be packed when dry, but at least it explains why my rummynoses aren't dead of old age. Now I can say that every species in that tanks bred successfully. I wonder how many were sucked up and flushed while I was draining the tank...
  19. Zante

    Soil tank pilot

    I'm planning a 1000+ litre soil aquarium for discus, with plenty of emersed vegetation, but recently things have changed and I've had to postpone this build a few months. I was thinking in the meantime that I could set up my juwel rio 125 as a miniature version of that tank to use as a pilot...
  20. Zante

    Wood to soak in stream?

    I'll be setting up a large riparium with plenty of wood, much of it emergent for epiphyte plants. I have access to loads of wood from a nearby chestnut grove. I will have to soak the wood for a while to get it properly waterlogged though. Since I'm a few months away from even ordering the tank...