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    Zero ammonia, nitrate and nitrites?

    Its been a couple months now with zero ammonia, nitrates and nitrites. I read somewhere that as a tank cycles you get some of each, but mine never changes. Tank is a few months old and the plants/shrimp/fish/snails seem to be going good. I test every few days but it's always the same. This...
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    Hydras in my shrimp tank

    I finally found shrimp fry in my tank, and while hunting for more I spotted a hydra on a plant. Once I found one and removed it I noticed they are all over my tank. I read these are very harmful to shrimp fry, how do I rid myself of these?
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    I have some Hitchhikers

    One of various small worms in my substrate. The other ones I couldn't get video of and are also very small. Anyone know what this is? Here is a picture for scale
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    Do I have too many plants in my 7.5 gallon nano?

    I have roughly 13 cherry shrimp, 9 exclamation point rasboras, 2 salt pepper catfish, 2 nirtite snails and 2 assasin. This is my first attempt at a planted Tank, I add liquid fertilizer once a week and have two root tabs near the roots of the bigger plants. The floating plants have completely...
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    Snail ID

    Can someone tell me what this snail is? It appeared in my tank two weeks ago quite a bit smaller. Apparently there must be more because I think those are eggs under it?
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    Who said assassin snails won't eat my shrimp??

    Saw one of my shrimp acting funny, thought it was about to molt. Literally 2 minutes later I found this.
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    Unknown fish in my Tank

    Little guy appeared in my new tank a few days after I added plants to it. No other fish in it just plants. Tank is brand new about a week old. Any idea what it could be? He's only maybe 1/4 to 3/8 inch total length.