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  1. Natabettas

    In need of some opinions from goldfish keepers!

    just yesterday I was given a goldfish from a friend. My friend had gotten the fish when they were 9 and they’re now 17. They say that they just didn’t have the time to take care of him anymore. I slowly acclimated him to the new water and temp. He was living in a 5 maybe 10 gallon tank his...
  2. Natabettas

    Betta glass surfing all day.

    I recently got a few new bettas. They all seem to be doing well. But one boy is just. Constantly swimming against the back of the tank glass. It is a 10 gallon tank that is divided into 2 five gallon sections. The fish on the other side of the divider is doing fine. Swimming around and coming up...
  3. Natabettas


    Hey everyone. I rescue fish in my area and I got a message today asking if I could take in 30+ endler guppies and 5 neon tetras, most or all with bad fin rot. I have dealt with fin rot in bettas before with salt baths and lifeguard all in one. But is it the same for these guys? Any tips on how...
  4. Natabettas

    Shrimp questions

    Hey. I’m pretty new to shrimp. Just got my first three a month or so ago. I am wondering the genders of these two shrimp. My guess was #1 is male and #2 is female but looking for a second opinion from other shrimp keepers. I also was wondering how you can tell if a female is berried? Any tips...
  5. Natabettas

    Hello :))

    Hiii. I just joined yesterday but have been posting a bit lol (lots of questions). I just wanted to introduce myself. So. Hello. My name is Natasha. I’ve been keeping fish since 2010 but I’ve definitely improved in it in more recent years and I’m hoping to learn even more on here. I keep...
  6. Natabettas

    Can anyone help me identify this baby?

    I know someone who’s buying a tank for a lizard and it’s currently being used as a fish tank so they asked if I could take this guy/girl. I’m not sure what they are tho so If anyone could help me out so I would know if I have a tank that will suit them. Thanks 😊
  7. Natabettas

    Pregnant platy

    I have 2 pregnant platys right now and I thought they may have been showing signs of being ready soon. I want to save all the fry so I moved them to a clear bin it’s about 4-5 gallons. I put them both in breeding boxes in the bin incase they had them overnight. Filled the bin with their tanks...