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  1. riffraff

    Heres One For Ya, Human Blood!

    so.... got the radio going, steve wright in the afternoon, factoids, and they say... most tropical fish could live in a tank of just human blood :huh: :unsure: :unsure: :blink: :blink: :sick: :| :nod: :shout: .... what the blood y hell i thought, can someone here, fishkeeper or vampire...
  2. riffraff

    Only A Fish Keeper Would......

    morning.... seeing as i`m not working tonight because of a slight illness i`m wide awake coz i should be on nights :rolleyes: anyway... i was sitting here thinking of doing a water change, at 3am !! anyone else add to my list of things that only a fiskeeper would do or think?? 1, water...
  3. riffraff

    Eggs In The Tank!

    evening... just went to feed the fishies and noticed these :blink: the 2 angel fish are guarding them against all the other fish, but occasionally nip one off and eat it??? are these angel eggs or are they guarding a yummy food supply? the only fish i know i have they a sexually active are the...
  4. riffraff

    View From The Bed

    morning... so a little while back i got a little 30"x12"x15" clear seal as a rescue tank, its gone through a few phases and is ongoing but heres a little journal type thing of how its going, started of as a bigger tank for some recued gold fish, chucked in the freebies i got with it, fake...
  5. riffraff

    My Amazing Birthday Frog

    heres my amazing birthday ... late last night done a water change on my 2nd tank, and moved a few frogs over from the main one, all was well and off i went to sleep....... 5am, alarm goes off and happy 45th to me, i stumble through to the bathroom, bleary eyed and a little older, out of the...
  6. riffraff

    Lily Question

    morning all...... ok so i bought this lily on eblag (Nymphaea Rubra Bulb ) as i liked the look of them in planted tanks, put it in and away it went, really mad fast growing once the shoot peeked through the substrate, pics here then question.... . . . , question is, can i stop them...
  7. riffraff

    Iv`e Only Got 12" To Play With

    evening all... so the xp3 external is dead, and i need a new external filter, ive been scouring the net, and all so far seem to big. problem is this filter has to go on a shelf under the stand, it cant go in the cupboard as there`s a filter in their already, so does anyone know of a small in...
  8. riffraff

    Teeny Tiny Fish Wanted

    afternoon all, so i have a 30"x 18" x12" tank im setting up in the bedroom for a rescued bn, the filetr is a fluval 3 internal and even turned down its got quite a flow on it,going to be planted and its got a nice bit of bogwood in it. so thats the set up, my question is could you recommend some...
  9. riffraff

    What A Blummin Disaster

    evening all, so i done my sunday water change, and thought i`d change the floss in the xp3, easy enough and same old same old... had the bathroom as usuall and for some unknown reason i had the baskets balanced on the sink edge, (sure thats how i usually do it :unsure: ) anyway, went to the...
  10. riffraff

    Just Had To Do My First Euthanasia

    well thats that, one of my male dwarf gourami`s had dropsy,checked and triple checked all the symptons. the only method i had heard of was the freezer method, luckily i read up on ways to end it all and came across the cloves way, well its all done now, seemed very humane. i spose its all part...
  11. riffraff

    Can Anyone Help With I.d Please

    hello all , a while ago about 3 weeks or so i rescued a bristle nose from a poor tank that was being sold anyway, he`s settled in well and i dont see much of him, but tonight i managed to get a few snaps...can anyone tell me what sort he is please thanks in advance riffaff
  12. riffraff To Good Home

    Livestock:4 x comets 2 x commomn goldfish Quantity for sale: 6 Reason for Sale: they need a bigger home Delivery or Collection:collection only Sales price:free Postage & Packaging:n/a Location: waterlooville hello all. so ive rescued these fishies, but only short term really, ive put them in...
  13. riffraff

    Rescued Fish Help Please

    afternoon all.. went out this morning to a friend of my wifes, and low and behold she had a little fish tank, i mean little, like a small platic box from a supermarket or wilkinsons job, anywho she had it crammed with these poor fishies, i had a little bit of a moan and she said she didnt want...
  14. riffraff

    Can I Get A Glue Link Please

    morning all.. ok so ive read loads of people saying use superglue for building things, ie caves, moss on rocks etc, but theres quite a few superglues out there and i dont want to get the wrong thing. going to be making a little slate den for the bn in his new home soooo, could someone link me...
  15. riffraff

    Best And Worst Concerts/gigs

    afternoon all.. ive been to loads of concerts and gigs, well back in the day anyway :rolleyes: so after a quick search i havent seen this question asked.. whats the best and worst concerts/ gigs youve ever been to :band: ? the best for me where, the freddie mercury tribute , gnr 4 times...
  16. riffraff

    Oooohh Look What I Got

    morning all... so a few weeks ago i rescued 4 rainbow kribs and a bristle nose, well i say rescued i went to look at a tank but, it wasnt up to much and it was well overstocked, i cheekily offered 15 quid for the kribs and bn, just to give them a better home and the women was more than happy...
  17. riffraff

    How Much Stuff Do Ya Need?

    evening all.. blimey dosent it creep up on you? i have just fed the fish and noticed just how many bottles and tubs of stuff i have sitting on the tank, 15 !!!! assorted items. 7 x food and 8 x water and medicine stuff!! anyone else have loads of bottles and tubs or is it just me? riffraff
  18. riffraff

    Filter Question

    morning all. so i was wondering what`s the minimum size filter i could buy? i have a 330 litre tank running an xp3, but i want to run another filter alongside it, worried about over stocking after rescuing a few fish at the weekend,(4 rainbow kribs and a bn ) i dont want to have to get anything...
  19. riffraff

    What Is This Creature In My Tank?

    well ive been bored after the dentist and decided to try some new shots anyway, just realised this living in my tank, by day it seems quite sedate head down, then at night it seems to move its head up and raise its wings :blink: any ideas what it could be?? cheers riffraff
  20. riffraff

    The Worst Thing You Ever Saw In Your Lfs

    evening all, anyway i dont really mean the worst thing you saw regarding fish as such, but today i went to the lfs and it was packed, about 40-50 people milling about, anyway there was this one family of erm , well. chav types :blink: with a little brat screaming her head off to be lifted up...