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  1. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    Is everyone (in London) ok? :unsure:
  2. Carlovel1

    Royal Wedding

    Anyone watch it? I thought it was great, they seem to be a perfect couple. Still waiting for the balcony kiss! :blush:
  3. Carlovel1

    White Cheek Goby

    Common Name/s: White Cheek Goby, White Throat Goby, Red Cheek Goby, Red Throat Goby Scientific name: Rhinogobius wui, sometimes also known as Rhinogobius duospilus Family: Gobiidae Origin: Southern China and Vietnam Maximum size: 5cm/2", though usually smaller Care: This hardy Goby species...
  4. Carlovel1

    Poor Thing! Well that's a first...a tattooed Gourami. Appalling IMO :no:
  5. Carlovel1

    Rip Knut

    RIP Knut :wub: :-( :-( :-( :-( :rip: In 2007 His last moment below.
  6. Carlovel1

    New 50P

    I was chuffed when I found this little jewel :hey:
  7. Carlovel1

    Garra Rufa

    Does anyone know about the care this fish needs? Like, does it need to be in groups...feeding...water conditions needed... Carl
  8. Carlovel1


    Got some today for £4. What a godsend! My life is so much easier. They are not special plant tweezers, just some ...tweezers, off the high street. But they do the job well so not gonna complain. :hey: I'm unusually delighted :huh: :hyper:
  9. Carlovel1

    The Kārubusshu

    My early birthday present! :- Tank- LxDxH 35cmx35cmx41cm 50 litres Lighting- 20W T5 CO2- DIY with Glass Diffuser Ferts- Tetra PlantMins but will be TPN+ from Tuesday Filtration- Aquaflow 2- 500LPH (10X turnover) Flora- Undecided, just have to pop over to the LFS to see what plants grab my...
  10. Carlovel1

    Our Syrians, Toby And Elsa!

    We got our 2 new Syrian Hamster babies 9 days ago (they were 24 days old at the time). They are Cinnamon-Banded Syrian Hamsters, 1 boy (Toby) 1 girl(Elsa, much smaller than Toby). Here they are: Elsa to the left, Toby to the right Elsa to the left, Toby to the right Elsa to the left, Toby to...
  11. Carlovel1

    Anyone Watch Come Fly With Me?

    Anyone watch Come Fly With Me? The comedy progarm thingy? I think its brilliant especially 'Precious Little'! :lol:
  12. Carlovel1

    Help Me Name Them!

    Tomorrow, we will be receiving 2 1-month-old Syrian Hamsters since our previous one (R.I.P Buddy :-( :rip: :byebye: ) died. It will be a male and a female but we still have not come up with any nice hamster names. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Cheers Carl
  13. Carlovel1

    Anyone Know This Song?

    Please ID the song in this saucy TV commercial. :crazy: :look: :shifty: :D Carl
  14. Carlovel1

    Carlovel1's Attempt At Pico Tank

    Dimensions: 2.5"X 1.5" X 1.5" small Shot Glass Volume: 13ml but with gravel and wood and plants, I used about 8-9ml to fill the glass, maybe less Substrate: Dorset Pea Gravel (I hand picked the darker grains and used the dark bits for the Pico) Hardscape: Tiny piece of driftwood. Flora: 2X Dwarf...
  15. Carlovel1

    Today's Purchases!

    :shifty: 5 unknown Apistos, I'd apprecicate if someone could ID them for me :look: And please don't kill me for this but I got 3 German Balloon Rams :unsure: (I totally don't support GM/balloon fish but today was an exception :look: :lol: ) Tell me what you think ;) Carl
  16. Carlovel1

    Help! Whats Wrong With Licorice Gourami

    Well today, I bought another Licorice Gourami to add to my existing group of 3. However, in the shop, he was alone and there were 2 other licorice gourami in the tank-both dead. I felt sorry for him so I bought him, see if I could help him get better. At the moment, he is either floating at the...
  17. Carlovel1

    My L260 Queen Arabesque Pleco Journal

    Well, yesterday, I finally recieved my L260s which I was waiting for over a month. There are 3 of them, all juveniles around 1" long. Enjoy! :) And this was this morning when they were settled Here is one of the 3 L260 with one of my other L333 juveniles. I will be updating the thread...
  18. Carlovel1

    New Tank, What To Do?

    Well, I just bought a new tank (MicroHabitat 8, the same tank as the one in the PFK subscription promotion) , its small only 8 litres/ 2 Gallons. But it's got a nice powerful filter and really bright LED lights. Originally, I was to use it as a quarantine tank, but its a perfect little tank for...
  19. Carlovel1

    Fish Abbreviations

    GSP= Green Spotted Pufferfish RTBS= Red Tail Black Shark CAE= Chinese Algae Eater SAE= Siamese Algae Eater JD= Jack Dempsey EBJD= Electric Blue Jack Dempsey GBR= German Blue Ram ABF= African Butterfly Fish BN= Bristlenose Pleco FM= Firemouth Cichlids F8= Figure 8 Pufferfish GCMM/WCMM= Gold Cloud...