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    Please help!

    My guppy hasn't been right the last day or 2. I've just found him like this with something hanging out. I don't know if he's constipated, swim bladder, dropsy, can anyone help? I'm on my way out to get some Epsom salts, can I try anything else?
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    Poorly guppy 😔

    Hi all, This little guy was being picked on by my other 4 guppies. I've removed them from the tank but he's like this now. Is there anything I can try to help him? Can he be saved? Hate seeing fish suffer. He is hiding away and isn't swimming correctly although he is eating.
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    What is causing this algae?

    Can anyone help with this? I've got a well established tank but a black algae seems to be taking over the lava rock. There's small spots of it here and there but the rock and surrounding gravel seems to be affected the worst. Any hints on what it is and how to get rid of it greatly appreciated...
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    Hi all! New to this page so thought I would post a friendly hello. I have a 90l tank which is home to platys, guppies, tetras, Cory juhli's, shrimp, ottos, and a rabbit snail. 🥰
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    Help with poorly platys

    Hi all, Am a newbie here after some help with my platys. They appear to have a white fungus on their tail fins which I have been treating. However they haven't picked up at all. One now looks like she can't close her mouth and is gasping. Can anyone help with a quick acting remedy? I hate...