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    Mbuna/peacock stocking

    Hi all I have a juwel Rio 450 151x51x66 and was curious as to home much to overpack? I’m planning on keeping mbuna and peacocks. Any help would be great. Thanks
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    Water change

    I have just started cycling my juwel Rio 450 151x51x66 and will be stocking my tank with Malawi cichlids. I’ve read a lot but everywhere says something different. How many Malawi cichlids can I stock/overstock in my tank? Water change I’m a bit concerned with water change as I live in the U.K...
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    Nitrogen cycle

    Hi New to forums, recently got back in the hobby after a good few years, this time around I’ve decided to keep lake Malawi cichlids. I’ve successfully cycled my precious fish tank in the past as I bought it off a friend and the substrate in the tank as well as the filter was heavily seeded with...