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  1. Crunchycrouton

    My planted 7 gallon.

    I thought I’d share, it’s a work in progress. I set up this tank with a elbow cast on, so I’m decently proud of how it turned out, besides the fact I need my carpeting plants. On the top of the Ohko stone I plan to add the same carpet plant I’ll be putting on the main substrate. I really hope it...
  2. Crunchycrouton

    Guppy cross?

    Ok so, I bought a pair of blue Moscow guppies a while ago, the female was already pregnant. Since DECEMBER i’ve been raising the babies, done everything the same as the other batches of fry i had, and this is the slowest growing batch I’ve had. They turned out tiny. They are fully mature, but...
  3. Crunchycrouton

    3 year old fish with dropsy.

    I have a 3 year old guppy/molly cross (when I asked for two female guppies they scooped up him... he was in a female tank somehow) and he’s been a over all healthy fish. But today I noticed his scaled pine coned. He’s still active, and he ate today. I know that there is no “cure” for dropsy and...
  4. Crunchycrouton

    Sick beta ?

    Now, I’ve been keeping betta for years.. no betta bowls, just planted tanks above 5 gallons. My female betta that I’ve had for around 2 years (bought her at a year old, so she’s 3) has been lethargic, I still get her to eat but it’s on her own time, not when I first drop it in. She was in my...
  5. Crunchycrouton

    Living algae plant like things on glass

    I’m not to worried about this but would like to know what they are. They move in the water current and are attached to my tank glass. They have little arms like hydra but don’t branch out to reproduce and are more flimsy. If I don’t clean my tank walls the tank will seem foggy because of it. It...
  6. Crunchycrouton


    Just thought I’d share my baby boy Kai
  7. Crunchycrouton


    I noticed this metallic thing spinning around In my tank... literally just spinning. It was maybe half a centimeter long, it seemed to spiral sometimes, like dna does. I have two goldfish one of which is 217 dollars and I don’t need anything happening to her.
  8. Crunchycrouton

    Good fungal treatment for Oranda goldfish?

    I just bought an expensive goldfish, 200 dollars and she seems to have some fungus growing on her wen, not a lot but I want to rid of it quickly. Any well working medications I could use ?
  9. Crunchycrouton

    Hydra in my tank.

    I have a planted tank I just noticed hydra in. I have copepods which I'm not worried about. It has been cycling for about a month. I'm planning to get goldfish soon.. spending at least 150 dollars on one. At least 5-6 inches. Will the hydra harm it? Should I wait to buy the fish until the hydra...