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  1. Carlovel1

    Last One To Post Here Wins

    Woah..I wouldn't go THAT far :hey: But he sure is cute ;)
  2. Carlovel1

    Last One To Post Here Wins

    Hiya everyone :hyper: I win :fun:
  3. Carlovel1

    Banded Gouramis Yay!

    Hi, unless the fish is visibly in discomfort, keep an eye on it, the mark should heal on its own, nothing to worry about. Of course, in the future, try to avoid any sick or ill-looking fish! :fun: Banded Gourami are stunning little fish, good choice. :good:
  4. Carlovel1

    Badis (Dario Dario)

    When I got (Scarlet)Badis some months ago, they all had sunken bellies too. But they fattened up after days of eating crushed flakes. Acknowledge that not all Badis will accept flake.
  5. Carlovel1

    Dwarf Gourami And White Cloud Mountain Minnows?

    As long as the tank is around 22-24C, the combination should be fine :good:
  6. Carlovel1

    Happy Birthday - James Fish.... (Chuck Norris)?

    Happy birthday mate! :-
  7. Carlovel1

    Ian's 80Cm (Hc Gone, Moss Added)

    :good: Looks awesome :good:
  8. Carlovel1

    Happy Birthday - Harlequins!

    Happy birthday mate :drink:
  9. Carlovel1

    Nano Comp/tanks

  10. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    In London and Birmingham and Leeds and Leeds, yes it was...
  11. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    Poor dogs :sad:
  12. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    Just seen the news, apparently, the motive for the riot is because police are stop searching young black males. :blink:
  13. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    Nah, I don't think they would attack LR. Its quite far away either Crayford or Dartford (the two nearest commercial areas) & doubt youths would be interested in stealing fish and corals and whatnot.
  14. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    Leeds in not fine, Chapeltown (in Leeds)has some riots and a man was shot in the face there.
  15. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    Its not very accurate, a lot of locations are missing :/
  16. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    Best website for live updates on the riot EDIT: Not very good actually :/
  17. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    Its a rare chance for youths to get new shoes, phones, electronics, groceries and other things...which they cannot afford, for free
  18. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    Same. I was worried my house was on fire! :unsure: In London the riots are in Chingford Mount, Ponders End, Dalston Kingsland, Denmark Hill, Streatham, Croydon, Hackney, Peckham, Lewisham, Tottenham, Wood Green, Enfield Town, Chelsea, Walthamstow, Islington, Oxford Circus, Brixton , Kilburn...
  19. Carlovel1

    London Riots

    Is everyone (in London) ok? :unsure: