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    Come home from work to find my old man laying sideways on the sand. He's got dropsy bad! Was acting and looked normal this morning. I don't expect him to make it thru the night. Put some epsom salt in the tank but I'm noy hoprful at all:( all I can say is it progressed very quickly. Poor...
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    Who Am I?

    So folks I think this is in the correct section (and as a mod excuse me if it's not:)... I teach Biology at a night school program in my area and the daytime teacher has recently set up a nice (estimated) 40 gal tank. There is a fish that I do not recognize and has caught my interest. It is in a...
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    Betta Illnesses

    ive noticed an increase in the amount of bettas that are ill on the forum lately-from newcommers to veteren members alike. sure, bettas are always suffering from something, but there has been a spike in the illness area lately. ive done a lot of research into betta illnesses/cuases/treaments and...
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    Nannostomus Mortenthaleri Info

    howdy folks- just curious if anyone has any experience with these fish. was browsing around a VERY good lfs the other day as i frequently do, and saw these fish and my jaw hit the floor (i think). have done a bit of research on them and wondering if any members can add their two cents. i think...
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    Where Can I Buy Potassium Permanginate?

    as title suggests, where can i find potassium permanganate for treating fishy illnesses. much appreciated. cheers
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    Christmas Songs

    i, like im sure many of us, have been busily running around "christmasing" for the better part of a week now. this year have forced myself to get into the holiday spirit (and not be so much of a humbug) by listening to nothing but christmas carols in the car (which has been soooo many hours at...
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    A Nice Way To Wake Up :)

    i have owned an absolute maniac of a betta for over a year now. he flares at everyone/everything in the tank for hours a day. everyone is suspect-the plats, the snails, the rocks, the bubbles from the sponge filter. he is so high strung it is ludicrous! well, i woke up this morning to a nice big...
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    Easy Build Sponge Filter

    ive seen the link to the DIY sponge filter. just thought id give another construction (which IME is easier and works on the same principle, only no lift tube) these are great filters betta folks (or anyone else for that matter)! they work much better than even small commercial filters and are...
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    Pruning Valis

    hi, i just bought a few bunches of valis and there are some brown tips to some of the leaves. do i remove the dead bits off the end or the whole leaf? when it grows too tall, how do you prune? do you trim it to length or just remove the entire long leaf and the smaller ones will grow (you...
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    Sick Betta

    im not sure what to do about my fish so im asking for advice. a week ago i added three guppies to my betta tank and now all hell's broken loose. Yesterday afternoon i noticed the betta glancing and scratching off the tank and decor so i got up to see what he was doing (very out of character-ive...
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    There Is Hope For Bga

    hi, im realllly excited that i can say that i no longer am battling blue green algae. tried everything to get rid of it and then went ahead and blacked out my tank for five days. boy, do i wish i did it a lot sooner. tank is crystal clear! so for all of you that might be having a similar...
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    Guppy Difference

    hi all, just wondering, other than the fancy tails, what is the difference between fancy guppies and those sold as feeders? i have some feeder guppies and they are rather pretty and colorful, although lacking the colorful flowing tail fins that i see on those labeled "fancy" guppies. just...
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    Crushed Coral

    got a quick question about coral, well shells actually...ive got soft water and my pH has always been low in my cycled tanks. ive used baking soda to "top off" my water. So i've just had a clam steam and kept all the shells and have sterilized them and crushed them up. Soon to be added to the...
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    Who Are We?

    SO here's the story... around two months or so ago i purchased a few cories to add to my planted tank from what i call the "grab bag tank". there were several species all mixed up and i told the girl- just gimme two "not peppered" cories (i know about keeping groups but i have a mix in the tank...
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    My Boy

    sooooo, ive had this boy for about a year now. rescued him froma wedding i was working where they had bettas on every table in little vases as the centerpieces. no one was taking them home and i took pity on two of them. had a divided tank for them but THIS guy managed to get to the other and...
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    120 Gal Stocking Advice

    Hello forum memebers :) as the title says im looking for ideas for my aunt's 120 gallon community tank. The tank is very well established (has been up and ruunung for 3+ years). A few months back there was a complete "redo" on the rid of the old stock and currently has in it 4 angels...
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    Color Id

    Ive been trying to decipher what my new guy is...i KNOW i pic would be helpful to all but dont have the proper means atm...i was just wondering, what qualifies a betta as mustrad gas?
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    Today's The Day

    so, after having an incredibly stable and healthy 6gal. planted with DIY CO2 and high lighting set up for over 4 months with NO problems with algae, i have encountered a setback. due to a terrible ice storm and ensuing 80+ hour power outage about a month ago, i got overrun by algae of all...
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    Info Please

    hi folks, just wanting some info about red tailed sharks. i know they can be quite agressive and want to know a little but more about them. my brother in law is trying to find a new home for his 2.5 inch RTS. i think i MAY be able to rehome him into my 55 gal turtle tank, but just want to know...
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    Advice Needed

    Hey guys and gals, i need some advice here. I live in the NE usa and we just had a substantial ice storm- around 1/2-3/4 inch of ice on everything. Some serious structural damage to power lines from uncountable downed trees and limbs. i was out of power for 83 hours (who's counting)...