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    Hi, is this pleco eating ok or is he eating way too little or too much? I am able to sort of see some bone sort of structure on the top of its head.
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    Fat yoyo

    My yo-yo loach has a very large stomach and it keeps eating non-stop. The stomach is very visible and I worry if there is any way to help the yo-yo lose weight. Thank you.
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    My cories schooling in groups of 4.

    I recently just got four more corydoras to help complete a school in my 20 gallon. At first all 6 of them were schooling together quite a bit but after a few days I realised some of the corydoras started gathering in a group of 4, while the other 2 were elsewhere in the tank. Is there any reason...
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    Nutritious substrate for under gravel filter?

    I am currently using coral gravel for my under gravel filter but I want to use a nutritious substrate instead so plants can grow better. Also, if I switch the filter, do I have to restart the entire process of cycling my fish tank again? Sorry for asking so many questions and thank you.
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    Is my pleco injured?

    Looks like he might be bruised but would like to confirm. Thank you
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    What is this fish?

    I only have one of it. Might have accidentally caught it when catching them at store. Had him for awhile mad seems to be okay.
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    Gender of this dwarf gourami?

    After seeing some images online I am confused with whether it really is a female.
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    Dwarf gourami choking

    Hi. My dwarf gourami seems like it wants to spit out something after nibbling at a floating plant. He swims haltingly. How do I help it. It has currently stopped but I would like to know what it is doing. Thanks.
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    Dwarf gourami with bitten tail

    I have recently gotten these two dwarf gouramis. As you can see the blue one has a bitten tail as the other bigger red one keeps on nipping it. How do I solve this problem without needing to return my fish to the store? Would the red dwarf gouramis eventually stop doing it? Thanks
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    I have been keeping fish for 4 years, including this year. I have also switched from a 5 gallon which I have been using for the previous three years to a 20 gallon this year.