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    How do baby fish.... fish?

    How do baby fish know how to do everything as soon as they are born? Like how do they know how to run away from a hand, know what food is and how to eat it, and know how to use their flippers? How can they do this with a brain the size of a grain of salt, while baby humans don't know how to do...
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    Phosguard help

    Hi! I use a 20 gallon Tetra whisper filter, and it has room for one media insert. My phosphates are extraordinarily high, and I want to use phosguard to reduce them. How do I go about inserting the phosguard in my filter? If I take out my current media insert for a couple of days, then I fear...
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    How long does it take for a glofish fry to become the length of an adult?

    Does anyone know how long it takes for a glofish fry to become the length of an adult? I'm just trying to determine the age of my glofish. Super random, but thanks anyway!
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    Unstable PH

    Hi! I need help, ASAP. So, my alkalinity in my fish tank is 0-40 ppm right now, and I need to get it up another 100 ppm (at least). It is so low that one day my fish tank’s ph is a 7, and the next day it is a 9. I need to stabilize my PH by getting a high alkalinity in my tank. The issue is, my...
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    Help with Chemicals!

    Hello! How on earth does one fix their alkalinity without increasing their PH as well? Just a little bit of background: My tap water has a PH of at least an 8, so whenever I do water changes, I get a PH spike. To fix this, I am using acid buffer immediately after each water change to get the...
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    Black Spot on Fat Male Platy

    Hi! I just bought this platy today from a local fish store. It is a male. Does anyone have any idea what that black spot is on my platy's stomach and why on earth it is so fat? Thanks :)
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    I created a mini-cycle :(

    I just made a stupid mistake and replaced my filter media with a new one, and now my nitrites are increasing. Do I just do constant water changes until the nitrifying bacteria is built back up in my filter?
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    Mysterious Disease

    Hello, I am new to the fish forum but have had a fish tank for about two years now. All my chemicals in my tank are balanced, and overall have had a good run with my 20 gallon tank. However in the past month, two fish have died. Both of their bodies have had a thick, white string hanging from...