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  1. FishyFish888

    Dwarf Gourami Disease

    I think my Dwarf Gourami has Dwarf Gourami Disease, but I’m not entirely sure. He was being bullied by the other fish in my main tank, so I moved him to a 10gal quarantine tank. He doesn’t have much of an appetite but he is still semi-active (he mostly sticks to the bottom of the tank and...
  2. FishyFish888

    Ich cleaning

    So my tank recently had an ich outbreak. I took out all the fish, and left it running for about 5 days at 80F. I noticed that there were many ich cysts inside the tank so I emptied it out and it’s been dry for a day now. When would you say I could re cycle my tank?
  3. FishyFish888

    Can I add Dwarf Gouramis and mollies to my tank?

    I have a 25gal tank with a pleco and 6 neon tetras. I was wondering if I could get 8 mollies and 2 dwarf gouramis to add to my tank? If so, how long between adding them should I wait so I don't upset the tank with too many new fish at a time? Thanks
  4. FishyFish888

    Can I add Guppies to my tank of Platies and Danios?

    Hi, so I’ve had my 40L (10 gal) tank if a couple Platies and Danios that get along just fine for a few months now. I started to notice that the tank looked a little... empty. I already have many plants and decorations inside, but it just looks like the ratio of fish to tank space is pretty low...