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  1. david.molloy2009

    Ich? Or something else?

    Hi One of my female platys has developed something on her face which resembles a beard. I've never noticed it before but am wondering if it may be ich so something to worry about or just a bit of sand. The photo is not the best but she keeps hiding away. Her behaviour seems to have changed in...
  2. david.molloy2009

    My fish hobbyist journal. First time noobie(with loads of mistakes)

    Hi all I thought I might start a journal to show my progression (and mistakes) with my new adventure into fish keeping hobby. Background:- my 6year old daughter pestered me to get some fish for her. I relented and started my adventure Jan 2021. Bought a second hand fish tank, was told by...
  3. david.molloy2009

    Flow too fast?

    Hi. Just had a little clean out of my tank and filters but now think I have too much flow and don't want my fish to suffer. My set up i have move things around when I cleaned. I have both filters on the left hand wall (when you look at pic) pointing into the tank and my air brick is in the...
  4. david.molloy2009

    3 month noobie

    Hey all Thought I would just introduce me and my tank as u have already used the advice of several members. Before this year I had never kept fish. My daughter wanted a pet fish just after Christmas so I decided to get a second hand tank and start. I bought a 30ltr biorb and 4 platys and 4...
  5. david.molloy2009

    Pest snails

    I've just upgraded from a biorb 30ltr to a 60ltr terra tank. Second hand and it came with a few fish. However I did not realize when I bought it it has loads of Malaysian Trumpet snails. The tank seams overrun with them. I counted about 30, plucked out about 20 but then there seams to be more...
  6. david.molloy2009

    New platys pregnant??

    I have just started keeping fish and think I have been doing ok I have a 40ltr biorb {see pic}(not the best I know but it was for the kids to start with and will hopefully be upgrading to a bigger tank soon) Current stock is 4 danios 5 platys 6 shrimp and a zebra snail. I did start with the...