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    Cheaper Substrate?

    HI, Been a member of this place for ages but due to life changes I had to hang up my aquarium kit for the last 4 years. Just thinking about getting back into the swing of things and was wondering if the soil sold to pot up pond plants can be used in an aquarium. I was thinking of putting a layer...
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    Water Storage For Water Change System

    Hi, I'm looking into using a standard water butt to store and heat water for my water changes. The idea is to fill the butt with approx 150 litres of water and heat it with a standard 300W heater to the required temperature (the butt will be located indoors by the way). I will use a powerhead to...
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    Farlowella Requirements

    Just a quickie to ask if whiptailed catfish require bogwood in their tank. I'm looking at adding an algae crew, with whiptails being a part of that. Regards, WK
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    Sag. Subulata

    I've just received a shipment of plants from Java and I'm a little confused. The Sag. Subulata I have received do not look anything like the ones I have in my tank. Is this because: 1/ The plants have been grown imersed and will change leaf shape once in my tank and settled. 2/ This plant...
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    Columbo Plant Substrate

    I've just bought two tubs of Columbo Nutri flora plant substrate. I've tried to look up reviews etc of it but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I bought it from maidenhead Aquatics so though it'd be at least a know brand. Anyway, any comments about it? WK
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    Granular Sand Supplier

    I'm looking to use 1-2mm granular sand as a substrate. Anyone got any idea where I can get this? All the lfs around me tend to sell 3-5mm gravel or sand, and at stupid prices. I'm starting to look around garden centres but haven't found any yet. I've googled but without any luck so far. WK
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    Larger Tank Plant Substrate

    I have torn down my Rio 400 (100 US gallons) tank after 5 years. When I first put it together I knew nothing of planted tanks so I was using plain gravel. Now I know better....... My main concern at the moment is that I really can't financially justify using one of the more specialised...
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    Anubia Barteri

    I have a 60cm (plus) tall A. Barteri in my tank. Some of the leaves are over 3 years old and are heavily covered by algae. I have, on numerous occasions, removed as much algae as possible using a toothbrush. Unfortunately this doesn't last too long and the remaining algae soon takes a firm grip...
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    Cutter's Cichlid

    I have a number of these fry (Archocentrus Cutteri). They are 8 weeks old and approximately 1.25cm total length. My problem is what to do with them! Do you think a lfs would take them off me (at a modest price) at this size or should I hold off until they're a little bigger. I have to move...
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    A Lesson Learned

    I bought a breeding pair of Cutter's Cichlids (Cryptoheros spilurus sp. 'Cutteri') complete with approximately 50-60 wigglers approximately one month ago. All were placed in a hospital tank of 25 litres (the pfk cube that was given away a few months back). All was good for 4 weeks. I've kept the...
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    Cutter's Cichlid

    I've just bought a breeding pair of what was labelled in the shop as Cich. Cutteri. I believe the common name is the Cutter's Cichlid. Can anyone tell me the proper latin name for these as there seems to be any number of suggestions on the 'net. Thanks, WK
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    I'm Loosing The Battle

    Well, I've been fighting BGA for ever. It's always been in the tank to varying degrees. Sometimes, for reasons I can't fathom, it subsides. Unfortunately it's getting to the point where i don't know what to do next. OK, the tank has a pressurised CO2 system (KH 4, pH 6.8-6.7) giving me a CO2...
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    Cross Breeding

    I've looked around on the 'net for info about the possibility of cross breeding within a mbuna community. All I have found are vague references to not keeping too many of the same species in the tank at the same time. Does this mean that I should only keep one type of psuedotropheus, one type of...
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    Time To Change

    OK, I've been running a S. American tank for some time now and think it's about time for a change. I've been tempted by an African cichlid tank. My problem is my local water supply. It's soft and has a neutral pH. pH 7.0 - 7.2 GH 5 degrees KH 3 degrees I am planning on using 1-2mm limestone...
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    Ei Problem

    I am in the process of trying the EI method for the first time with any conviction. I have learnt that it’s not something that can be done half heartedly! Anyway, my lighting is up at 1.9 wpg, which I understand is pretty good for larger tanks (Rio 400), my nitrates are reading around the...
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    Substrate Swap

    Ok, is there any way I can change over my substrate to something a little more plant friendly without stripping the tank right down? At the moment I've got basic 3-5mm gravel and want to swap over, gradually or all in one, to a better substrate. Has anyone ever attempted this (sucessfully)? The...
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    T6 Lighting

    Just browsing the Aqua Essentials site (hey, it's Friday afternoon!) and noticed the T6 lighting. It looks like they are basically T5 lamps, only with a slightly wider diameter. I have been thinking of upgrading my lighting (again) and going for a full on planted tank as opposed to plants and...
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    Back Siphoning On Pressurised Co2 Systems

    I set up my JBL system last night and ran it for a few hours. I switched off the solenoid at about 9pm and by 8am this morning water had been drawn all the way up to the one way valve, which filled with water. Is this a typical thing to happen on pressurised systems? I assume it's due to the CO2...
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    Co2 And Ph

    Right then, I've just bought a second hand JBL Profi 2 kit from a fellow board member and I'm just waiting for it to arrive. In the meantime I've been testing my pH in the mornings and in the evenings to see what sort of CO2 uptake I've got to deal with. Well, I am rather suprised! At lights on...
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    Nitrate Test Kits

    Well, I've been dosing nitrates for a few weeks, upping the levels a bit at a time to try to get some sort of reading on my test kit. Well, after dosing 12ppm PER DAY and still getting a zero reading I took a sample tot he lfs for them to do a test. Lo and behold they get a reading of over...