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    Tank Cleaning

    Does anyone else feel like their tank is never truly clean? I made the mistake of buying white substrate so you see everything. I’ve done 3 tiny cleanings this week just siphoning out poop and other things so the tank doesn’t look as dirty. Today I did a really in-depth clean and took out all my...
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    Aqueon 29 Gallon Tank

    Hey everyone! I was hoping to get some peace of mind from some fellow fish keepers. I just upgraded my 20 gallon to a 29 gallon. (I couldn’t resist the $1 sale at Petco.) I got the tank setup and for some reason decided to check reviews for the Aqueon 29 gallon (tank I purchased) and found...
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    Rasboras fighting

    Hello everyone! I am about 4 months into the hobby so still learning everyday. I’ve got 9 rasboras in a 20 gallon with 5 cories. I believe I’m overstocked and am upgrading soon to a 29 for more space. The issue I’m having is that my rasboras are constantly fighting. (My cories seem completely...