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  1. Llegmore

    Friends For An Angry Rts?

    Hey y'all. I'm after ideas for tank-mates for my super aggressive 4 year old red tailed shark, Lenny. He's my baby, and I love him to bits, but he really is a violent little tyke.   He currently shares my 75g long with a single clown loach having harassed a common plec, 2 sailfin mollies and 1...
  2. Llegmore

    Plant Recovery After Salt Treatment?

    I wasn't thinking straight because I was worried about a fish, and I left 2 anubias plants and 1 java fern in a salt-treated tank for 2 days. When I noticed that 75% of the leaves had turned brown, I took them out and put them in different tanks. Although there are still green leaves on all 3 of...
  3. Llegmore

    Harlequin Rasbora Fry

    I had 6 harlequin rasbora living in my 75g but moved them upstairs to my 35g when I cleaned out the bigger tank in preparation for my African project. I completely gutted the tank: new substrate, new decor, 100% WC. The only thing that remained in the tank was the boxed in filter. However, about...
  4. Llegmore

    75G Anubias Jungle

    As some of you may know, it's long been my dream to do a (fairly) large central African biotope. This journal is going to follow my progress in fulfilling that dream.   Kind of.   I'm posting this part early to get it out of the way before I go on to the actual planting etc. Basically, guilty...
  5. Llegmore

    Purple And Orange Harlequin Rasbora In Same Tank?

    Due to re-decorating, I've had to empty my 75 gallon tank and the inhabitants are being spread out across my other tanks. Among them is a shoal of 6 regular harlequin rasbora.   I keep a male betta and 8 purple rasbora in a fully planted 10 gallon long (he doesn't have a problem with shoals). Am...
  6. Llegmore

    Nature Close-Ups

    I enjoy taking very close-up pictures of flowers, insects, spiders etc. I have a pretty basic camera and I never use the zoom function as it ruins focus. Therefore, I have to get physically very close to the subject, which I enjoy as a challenge. Here's a very small selection:
  7. Llegmore

    Ordering Plants Online Advice?

    I really need to plant my 75 gallon central African biotope and, because I'm incredibly boring, I'm going for 100% anubias. I'm going to need A LOT of plants and I want a wide variety of types so that I can get different leaf sizes etc. I'm estimating around 30-40 individual plants to grow out...
  8. Llegmore

    Fin Rot And Ich?

    Last night I noticed that my new betta had ich. There were spots on his tail and he was rubbing a lot. He wasn't gasping and, although he was resting a lot, he didn't appear to be too sick. I did a 20% water-change and treated the water with Contra-Spot which I had in my box of medicines. I...
  9. Llegmore


    The more I look at this guy, the more I think he's dragonscale. Sometimes the scales don't seem big enough. I dunno...   These are pics from a couple of days ago because he has ich right now. I'm terrible with betta identification. Please ignore the fact that he now has 3 topics. I never get...
  10. Llegmore

    Synchronised Swimming

    I know I just posted a pic of my bristlenose. Sorry to clog the topic. But I haven't showed Romeo and Juliet lately and this one was too cute not to share.
  11. Llegmore

    Lady Bristlenose

      She was feeling very friendly today.
  12. Llegmore

    I Really Do Have The Worst Luck Ever...

    I've kept my own tanks for about 10 years now, and I've always been in the hobby as my family keep fish. As of now, I have 8 tanks: a 5 gallon, an 8 gallon, 3 10 gallons, a 35 gallon, a 45 gallon and a 75 gallon. Due to stress and anxiety, I've recently developed a weird type of hand eczema...
  13. Llegmore

    What Is This?

    It's very pink in colour (almost red) and is very thread like (almost like an anemone). I've never seen something like it before. The bogwood isn't new and I boiled + scrubbed it before putting it in the tank it's in. Does anyone know what it is? Is it dangerous?
  14. Llegmore

    Extreme Leakage (Upstairs)

    Apologies if this sounds non-emergency - I posted it in my tank journal first but i'm getting increasingly worried so i'm hoping to get some help here.   Warning: below is a tale of extreme woe.   I was studying until 5.30am and, because I didn't want to disturb Castiel with my light, I had put...
  15. Llegmore

    Epic Bubble Nest

    I'm pretty impressed by this one because its architect is the most placid of my two male dwarfs and it's nice to see him happy/confident enough to build.   It's 10 cm down and across and is about 3cm deep. The vallis makes it difficult to see from underneath: I tried to get a picture of the...
  16. Llegmore

    Betta Tank #4

    Due to a scuffle in my betta sorority, I'm rehousing my new boy (Castiel) in a Lifespace 34 - I need his old 5 gallon tank for the female trouble-maker. Seeing as it's a completely new tank, I thought I'd keep track of my progress. I'm not sure how good the lighting is so I'm sticking to easy...
  17. Llegmore

    Female Betta Housing

    I'm not sure if this counts as an 'emergency', but I've had a betta sorority for about half a year now (10 gallon). It has 4 girls in it who peacefully co-exist. I kept a fifth in there too - she was in the tank before the others and was therefore extremely territorial so I had to remove her due...
  18. Llegmore

    Castiel: My New Boy

    My first impulse buy in a while. I saw him in my LFS and couldn't resist. He's a real looker. His 5 gallon tank is shamefully rubbish atm. Like I said, impulse buy - so I haven't had time to make it as pretty as him.
  19. Llegmore

    First Co2 System:

    Yes, before you ask, I have been through the forums many times before but this is my first time even considering CO2 and I don't understand anything when it comes to fire extinguishers or yeast. The whole thing seems pretty daunting to me.   I'm planning a new scape in my 75 gallon Juwel Rio. I...
  20. Llegmore

    So. Much. Vallis.

    It's ridiculous. This stuff is a weed! That's all. Just thought I'd share!