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  1. matthew12098

    Betta ID?

    What Betta is this? It was sold as a halfmoon but it doesnt look like a halfmoon to me, possibly a veiltail or a delta?
  2. matthew12098

    Female bettas..

    Can female bettas live alongside other fish (eg Guppies?). I've heard they can live in groups of female bettas, but don't know about living with other fish.
  3. matthew12098

    Brine Shrimp as food

    I'm considering making a brine shrimp hatchery to raise brine shrimp and feed them to my fish, but I don't know anything about hatching them, raising them, tanks suited to them, etc. If anyone has any knowledge on brine shrimp, please shed some light about it to me!
  4. matthew12098

    Need opinions

    I'm considering getting a new fisht ank for my 3 guppies. I'm currently looking at getting the Aqua One Focus 36 Aquarium. It is about the biggest I can get for my desk at this stage. Also, I am currently...
  5. matthew12098

    Guppy Tail Emergency!!

    I was mid way through a water change when my curious Male Fancy Guppy decided to see what was inside the tip of the siphon - he ended up getting sucked back in so I immediately stopped the siphon and he got out safely, but not unscaved. Sadly about half of his tail was ripped off :-(. Will it...
  6. matthew12098

    Feeding while away

    I'm going away for 4 days soon and I wasn't too concerned about my other fish, as I knew that they could go for a while without food, but my 2 female guppies have just dropped a total of 17 fry. How should I go about feeding them while I am away? Would it be ok to just put some extra Java Moss...
  7. matthew12098

    Question about frogs - for a friend

    Hey all, My friend is considering getting a frog. But he hasn't kept any type of frog before and has only had a goldfish. He has a few questions; What type of scape do they need? Rocks/driftwood, sand or gravel? Plastic/Silk/Live plants? What size tank? Long/Tall or certain volume? How many...
  8. matthew12098


    After finding a bristlenose fry yesterday look what I came home to today! 4 guppy fry
  9. matthew12098

    Pleco Fry

    Just spotted this little guy. Is there anything I need to know about raising them? Last time I had pleco fry I only noticed by the time they were big enough to be moved to different tanks. Based on the size, how old do you reckon this one is? Its about 1-2cm long. Also would they be fine eating...
  10. matthew12098

    Guppy Food

    Is it ok to feed guppies Mosquito Larvae/Chopped Earth Worms? Or is it better to feed them brine shrimp/blood woms. I'd like to feed them food that is extremely rich in nutrients to hopefully produce a decent amount of fry.
  11. matthew12098

    Pregnant Guppy

    How far off do you all reckon she is from dropping her fry? I have a decently planted tank and plan on netting out the fry into a breeder box, after about 2 weeks I plan to move them into a 10L-15L for them to grow big enough to not be eaten.
  12. matthew12098


    Hi! I've been in the fish hobby for 5+ years but I have only just recently got back into the hobby. I currently have 3 different tanks, one has a Madagascar Rainbow + 2 Plecos in it, another has 4 Neons, 3 orange fish which I forgot the name of (oops) + 5 Plecos and my newest tank has 3 guppies...