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    Tropical community tank

    Hi guys, I live in Maidenhead, Berkshire and am looking for tropical community fish who need re-homing. I have a 300L with the following - guppies - cardinal tetras - platties - 1 angel fish - 2 dwarf gouramis - corys Happy to talk to anyone who has fish who need re-homing and who are...
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    Floating plants

    Hi Guys, So I have a heavily planted tank (see photo) and have small floating plants, however the other day I uprooted a number of plants when trying to catch and re-tank a troublesome fish and left them floating on the surface overnight until the next morning when I replanted them - these...
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    Gourami colour changing

    Hi, I have 3x 3 spot gourami and 3x gold gourami so a different colour variation on the three spot. Their colours have recently changed from lighter to darker and their behaviour has turned more aggressive/lots of chasing each other. I think this might be spawning but given that it’s a...
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    Community Tank Mates

    Hi everyone 👋 So I currently have a 300L / 65 gallon planted aquarium with the following: - 12 cardinal tetras - 3 honey gourami and 3 blue dotted gourami - 4 salt and pepper Pygmy corydoras - 1 Pygmy corydora (who I think got in the bag at the shop without anyone realising until he was in...