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    Tank & stand

    i am after a tank & stand. 100/120 litre. Needs to be somewhere in the north west
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    Lighting Fell Apart! Any Advice On What To Go For?

    My light on my arcadia arc 35l has broken! Not the first time. Looking to get a replacement that can just be clipped on to the rim of the tank. I only have very low maintenance plants (crypts, dwarf sag etc) Any advice on what to go for is greatly appreciated. Cheers
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    Tetratec Phone Number?

    Hi Having issues with my tetratec ex1200. Does anyone have an upto date phone number for them? Cheers
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    To Many Choices But Not Enough Room!

    I've currently got a 55 gallon 100cm x 40cm x 55cm community tank that houses X2 bosemani rainbows (was 4 originally) 1 dwarf neon rainbow (was 6 originally) 1 keyhole cichlid 1 opaline gourami X6 zebra loaches Moderately planted. Tetratec ex1200 & a fluval u4 for filtration. 7.6 tap & the...
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    Thinking Of Getting An Electric Blue Jack Dempsey

    I've got a 55 gallon community tank that I'm changing around. Currently got 6 zebra loach, a keyhole cichlid, opaline gourami, 4 bosemani rainbows & a couple of Molly's in it. I've gave up on plants & fancy a change! Really want an EBJD with a nice shoal of tiger barbs. Do you think my zebra...
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    Cheap Lighting Needed

    I've just been given a tank that has no light in its lid. What would be the cheapest option for lights? I'm not looking at having any live plants in it Cheers
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    Setting Up A Rcs Tank

    Hi, I currently have a small RCS tank on my desk at work that is thriving. When I set the tank up I used a filter with mature media in it, put new gravel in, planted it the checked the levels across 2 days. I forget the exact levels but they were in line with my x2 established tanks. I then...
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    Easiest Fish To Breed Excluding Guppies & Mollies

    I've had fun in the past breeding mollies & guppies but now considering attempting other species. We're in the process of setting a small fish room up & fancy a little challenge
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    White Spot In X2 Tanks :-(

    I've had a breakout of white spot in 2 of my tanks. Had a batch of rummynose tetra that were infected. My little ember tetras are in a bad way. The fish in the bigger tank are not showing as much of the disease the embers. I have added a does of 2 stage treatment & increased the temp gradually...
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    Small Internal Filter Wanted

    WANTED INTERNAL FILTER SUITABLE FOR 35L tank Age and condition: any Quantity for wanted: 1 Reason for Sale: Delivery or Collection: either Sales price: upto £10 Willing to Ship (Yes or No): Postage & Packaging Price: Location: (Also please put this in the Topic Descripton line of the thread...
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    What's The Biggest Fish You'd Put In A 55 Gallon?

    Aquarium Measurements: 100 x 40 x 55 cm Currently a community tank. I like the idea of having one or poss 2 big guys in there instead..... Tetratec ex1200 filter Tap 7.6 Cheers
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    3 Rummy Nose Killed In 2 Days!

    Hey, I've got a 55 gallon community tank X4 bosemani rainbows 1 Molly 1 opaline gourami 1 keyhole cichlid 6 zebra loach I'd always fancied some rummy nose tetra so took the plunge 3 days ago & added 6. The other fish gave chase when I put them in but it calmed down after a sort while. The next...
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    Tetratec Ex1200 Leaking

    Hi all, I purchased a new tetratec ex1200 in December. All has been great so far.... I cleaned the filter month or so ago for the first time. Since then it has developed a leak from around the top. I have just read a few old post relating to similar issues & looking to see if anyone could help...
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    Fluval U4 For Sale

    Used fluval u4 filter Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: upgraded to ext filter Delivery or Collection:both Sales price:£20 Postage & Packaging:£5 Location: Manchester, M28 1hl All negotiations and questions must be posted in this sales thread and NOT by PM. Communications may only be...
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    Celestial Pearl Danio

    Hey guys, I have a 35L tank that's now empty & was thinking of CPDs. Tanks moderately planted, cycled with 7.6 ph. Your thoughts.....
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    Community Friendly Fish Wanted

    I'm helping a mate out & looking for any tropical fish people are looking to move on Tetra Corys Etc etc I'm in Manchester. Thanks
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    Wave Superfish 15L Shrimp Tank

    First pics will all inhabitants in! 15 red cherries & 2 amano. Trying to grow dwarf hair grass. Not holding my breath! Also got some staurogyne repens in there. Already seeing growth on the S repens (see last pic in comparison to the first) Gives a nice scale to such a small tank & the tiny...
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    Profito Easylife

    Hi, Does anyone have any experience of using easylife profito? Seems good value at £10 delivered for a 500ml bottle. I've read that their liquid carbon is decent. Thanks in advance
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    Tall Background Plants?

    Hi all, I'm after advice on what plants would work best in the background of my tank. I've got a fluval Roma 200L community tank. Tetratec ex1200 filter. Ph 7.6 from the tap. I've just got bog standard aquarium gravel with root tabs under it. I dose with trace ferts & have the standard 30w t8...
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    What Should I Do With This?

    Just bought this tank & whan to make it into a nice shrimp tank or possibly looking at getting some celestial pearl danios         I want something thats not to difficult to look after.   Tank is a 15L superwave x2 200lph internal filters 50w heater Standard LED lighting ph 7.6     Any advice...