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    Bristlenose pleco acting weird

    Hello everyone ive just noticed my bristlenose pleco is acting weird he is currently pointed down with his nose in the gravel not suctioned to anything. Im not sure if this is normal or not. All my water parameters are perfect hes in a 75 gallon tank temperature is 79 degrees. Any and all advice...
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    Ballon belly ram fin rot?

    Hello I was hoping someone could help me i just noticed that the tail fin of one of my ballon rams is ripped to shreads im wondering if its fin rot or what it could be. I checked my water levels today. Ammonia=0, nitrite=0, nitarte=5 water temp is 78.8. Tank mates 9 corys, 1 bristled nose pleco...
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    Lavender gouramis chasing each other

    Hello everyone I have a 65 gallon tank setup. I have 4 cory catfish, 1 bushynosed pleco, 2 rams and 2 female lavender gouramis and 1 male gold gourami. Ive had the gouramis them for about a week noe and the gold male would chase everyone around to im guessing establish dominance. But all of a...