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  1. Emilyyy

    Where can I find Pea Puffers? (Stouffville, Ontario)

    Hello! I've been looking at pea puffers for quite a while.... I dont really have an lfs or any fish store that carries them near me. Where did you get yours? I've checked PetSmart, Kijiji and other websites but can't find any...I'm also worried about shipping costs, but anything under $10 is...
  2. Emilyyy


    Hi! My female betta, Akila, got really bloated yesterday and is pineconing a bit. I confirmed with some people on a discord server that it is dropsy. I did a Sea Salt bath yesterday and she's still bloated a lot. The pineconing isn't too bad now, but she still is pineconing. How else should I...
  3. Emilyyy


    Hi! I just joined this forum! I have a 5 gallon tank with a female betta and a temporary 1 gallon tank with a male betta. Once I get the proper supplies needed to cycle my 10 gallon, then I will move him in there. The 5 gallon is cycled and the 1 gallon is also cycled. (I used media from the 5g)...