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  1. QiQi

    Honey gourami breeding questions.

    So…uhm… This happened… After my betta passed away I decided to get a pair of honey gouramis (wild colouration) for my main 18gal and keep the small planted tank for the next potential betta. The honeys are in the quarantine tank atm, they look super healthy. The male is on full breeding dressing...
  2. QiQi

    Betta sick again.

    There are previous posts about his issues, but here it is once again. Rescued this betta on January. He was skinny with a ripped tail and a bump on his face that had white stuff in it. I was advised to treat with antiparasitic medicine since it wasn't fluffy, it wasn't ich either, and he didn't...
  3. QiQi

    How big did your bettas get?

    I got my boy on January, he was just 1inch in length and now he is 2inches (body length, excluding fins). Either I am doing something right or he might end up being a king betta. He doesn't look small in the 18gal anymore :eek::eek:
  4. QiQi

    Best food to fatten up Corydoras Habrosus

    Unfortunately, one of my cories died a few minutes ago, it was still breathing but there was nothing I could do, it was already sideways and not moving. There were no signs of disease, I noticed it had a sunken belly. The rest look fatter than this one was. They were quite skinny when I bought...
  5. QiQi

    Update on my betta and wanted to thank everyone that gave me all these great suggestions on my previous posts. My boy has recovered!!

    My rescue betta was very underweight, had a strange lump on his head and a big chunk of his tail missing. The tail started growing and he put weight on. The lump was still there, so I decided to ask for identification and advice here. As advised, I started an antiparasitic treatment. Everything...
  6. QiQi

    New salt and pepper cory gang in my 18gal betta/shrimp tank.

    I am so lucky with my betta. He just swam towards the bag, had a look and that was it. I knew he will be ok with other fish since he doesn't bother the shrimp at all but this is beyond my expectations. He might swim towards them but there is no aggression or chasing. I got 6 of them and the more...
  7. QiQi

    Too long tail weighting betta down

    Now that his face is doing way better, I need advice for another issue. When I bought him he had a big chunk of his tail missing, around a quarter of it. I already knew it was tail biting because it wasn't shredded and there was no fin rot, but I thought it was because of the awful conditions...
  8. QiQi

    Plant suggestions for half sand half flourite 18gal tank

    After 5 hours of catching shrimp, cleaning, changing substrate and rescaping it is finally done!!! Currently going through a mini cycle, and it's still a bit blurry (damn you flourite!!). I am happy with the result. I was thinking on adding some more plants. Maybe some dwarf hairgrass on the...
  9. QiQi

    I think I need to redo my tank. Any advice? I am sorry in advance for all these posts lately.

    I started this tank 9 months ago. Back then as a beginner I did a lot of mistakes and slowly started changing things and is much better now. Issues right now: 1. My plants seem to have stopped growing and my hygrophyla that I kept trimming and replanting now starts having some curled leaves 2...
  10. QiQi

    18gal(70L) stocking advice

    I got an 18gal(70L) tank with 100+cherry shrimp( 10-12 pregos), a betta and 6 nerite snails. I was planning on getting some nano fish 5-6 ottos/pygmy corys and/or 5-6 endlers/chilli rasboras/galaxy rasboras ( haven't decided which of these yet but I am going for very small fish). I went to...
  11. QiQi

    Weird lesions/bumps/white spot on the head.

    I rescued this betta fish 12 days ago from a pet store. I got him with a ripped tail, curled fins, very skinny and lesions surrounded by bumps and a white spot coming out of one of the bumps next to his eye and that area is a bit lighter in colour too. He is not lethargic and eating well. The...
  12. QiQi

    Betta jumping discussion

    I am planning on changing my lighting system, which will require removing the standard lid that. How low should the water level be so he can't jump out (I've left 2.5 inches empty from the top)? He is a veiltail, he is not aggressive and hasn't attempted to jump so far and I will add some...