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  1. onidrase

    Neolamprologus Cylindricus Compatability

    Hey guys. At the moment I'm just about ready to start stocking my tank up. I was originally going to have a julidochromis tank, but after a lot of research it seems juli pairs split up rather easily, and I don't want my pairs to kill each other once I move out of my parent's house. So I'm...
  2. onidrase

    Fishless Cycling, And Testing Out Quick Start

    I'm about to do my first fishless cycle, going to try to get a tank running without seeding bacteria from my first tank many moons ago. Or I might just get rather impatient, give up, and seed the bacteria anyway. Anyways. API's putting out some new bacteria in a bottle product called "Quick...
  3. onidrase

    Have An Idea Of What To Aim For, And What's Available

    Hey guys. My 50 gallon tank is just about ready, and I've been calling around trying to find some fish I'm looking for. None of the LFS's around here will allow me to order specific fish from them, and none of them are particularly diverse from one another. I was not able to find some of the...
  4. onidrase

    Pre Washing Crushed Coral Sand Substrate

    Hey guys. I've been working my way up in setting my 50 gallon tanganyikan tank up. I began to rinse out my crushed coral substrate, which is supposedly pre washed, so minimum rinsing would be required according to the bag. 30 minutes out in the lawn with a hose later, the water still hadn't...
  5. onidrase

    Fluval 406 Or Eheim 2217?

    Hey guys, I'm at the point where I need to pick out the filter for my 50 gallon tanganyikan tank. I've already for a fluval 406 running on my 75 gallon, and it's been working great for me. I love the ease of use of the thing with the baskets and such, as well as the compact design. However...
  6. onidrase

    Atlantic Crushed Coral For African Cichlids?

    Hello, I bought 80 pounds of "Nature's Ocean Pre-Washed Atlantic Crushed Coral" for the substrate for my future african cichlid tank, since this stuff was 10 dollars cheaper than anything else I could find. I was pretty sure this stuff would work just as well, though. It doesn't seem to say it...
  7. onidrase

    What Can Be Mixed With Julidochromis?

    Hey guys. I'm set on doing my bigger tank for african cichlids, though I'm still trying to figure out what kinds I'm gonna go for. I was originally gonna try for malawi cichlids, but for some reason, every single african cichlid I like draws me back to lake tanganyika. Tropheus, julidochromis...
  8. onidrase

    Got An Ok

    I got the okay to swap out my 37 and 10 gallon tanks for a 50 gal (48"x12"x18") and I've been dying to try my hand at African cichlids. I'd like to start slow with some good beginner cichlids, with the basic aragonite sand and I'd like to do the round river rock type stacking on the sides of...
  9. onidrase

    What To Do With A 37 Gallon Tank?

    I ended up moving pretty much all my fish from my 37 to my 75 gallon in the end. And now my 37 has nothing but a bundle of 5 kuhli loaches and a bristlenose pleco. It's got sand substrate and a giant chunk of driftwood which I managed to fit inside the tank but am having an impossible time...
  10. onidrase

    Any Tips?

    Hello, I've been becoming bugged by the background on my tank. It's just black plastic thrown on by some duct tape, and it's rather wrinkly and dirty looking. I've been thinking of getting a black static cling on for it instead. This would also give me a chance to move my tank stand outwards to...
  11. onidrase

    I Want To Breed Dr. Talinshibunckle Rendronso The Pink

    I've yet to see another hot pink betta like Dr. Talinshibunckle Rendronso the Pink, and I'm hoping that maybe if I bred him, I might get little pink betta babies. Of course I have a first grade understanding of genetics and it probably won't work like that. But We've been getting a bunch of...
  12. onidrase

    Ram Photo Dump

    just been taking pictures of my bolivian rams, figured I'd share a few of the decent ones quite the amusing little guys the two keyholes usually hang out with them too but as soon as I pull out a camera they both hide
  13. onidrase

    New Plants At Work

    Hey guys. We just got some new plants and I'd like to know a little more about their care and demands, how big they get, etc. So I don't sell them mindlessly and have angry people come in with rotten mushy plants. they are as following: Bacopa bacopa caroliniana Telanthera cardinalis...
  14. onidrase

    How Deep Should My Sand Be?

    hey guys, My sand bed in my 75 gallon is very shallow, only about 45 pounds worth of sand. I'm guessing to really plant anything in there i'll need a deeper bed.How many more pounds should I look to add?
  15. onidrase

    Rhizomes On Anubias Nana

    Hey guys a couple of my anubias have rhizomes that are about 4 inches long each, and since they both started really small, this is weird to me. I read online you can "propagate" them by clipping the rhizome, but I'm not really sure what that means. If I were to cut their rhizomes in half, would...
  16. onidrase

    Fresh Start

    As some of you know I've been making a lot of drastic changes to me 75 gallon tank. In a nutshell, as opposed to stocking big scary cichlids, I've grown down to medium, more peaceful fishes. Right now I've got: 2 keyhole cichlids 6 bolivian rams 6 bleeding heart tetras 3 raphael catfish 1...
  17. onidrase

    How Many Festivums Is Considered A Group?

    Hey guys. I'm gonna just redo my 75 gallon tank. Wanna get some more mild tempered fish which would be more peaceful to watch with a more smooth and green appearance to the tank to help with stress relief as opposed to getting stressed out by worrying about future aggression issues and the like...
  18. onidrase

    Surface Skimmer Vs. Spray Bar?

    Hey guys. I have been having trouble finding a spraybar attachment made for fluval canister filters, so I figured I'd contact the company directly asking if they had anything of the sort, and they redirected me to an attachment called a surface skimmer. I'm not really sure what it is, but it's...
  19. onidrase

    The Other Side Of The Spectrum

    I've noticed a lot that in the hobby, LFS and petstore employees are often kicked in the teeth for the advice they give and the like. I've been working at petsmart for about 3 months now, and I have to say that usually the customers aren't exactly saints either, as most of you who have worked a...
  20. onidrase

    I Think I Need To Downstock

    Hey guys. I've been busy as heck recently, trying to get my adult life started, working 40+ hour weeks while searching for a college to become a vet tech and learning to drive. While I've been able to pull off keeping my 75 gallon tank together, I've found myself dwindling on my willingness to...