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  1. Jean1984

    Baby platy

    Good day Guys, Here is a picture of my baby platy. My female gave birth to two of them and I can see them once in a while If i really look in the tank. There s a little blur on the rock in the center of the photo. If you can zoom on the picture you ll see his or her eyes. Seem like I have 2...
  2. Jean1984

    How to get rid of green algue?

    Hi Guys, I have green algue in my 20gallon fish tank? I have 3 sunburst wag platy and one of the female today gave birth to two little tiny platties. I have green algue in my fish tank and not sure how to get rid of it? I downgraded my lights on for 9hrs instead of 8hrs....
  3. Jean1984

    What filter is best to use for a 20 Gallons Fish tank?

    I have a topfin silent stream PF20 Power Filter in my 20 gallons but I currently need a filter and petsmart is out of stock at 19.99$. Amazon are selling them at 60$ plus shipping which is crazy expensive for 6 filters. I like Topfin but they dont have a website and the only supplier which...
  4. Jean1984

    Air stone Dirty how to clean it?

    My air stone bubbler is dirty how do I clean it? I wonder if I have to change the whole thing or I can clean the top without messing up the water ? Thank you!
  5. Jean1984

    Ideas to improve my fish tank?

    Any ideas to improve my fish tank? will have seachem phosphorus tomorrow to help my live plants to grow and have 3 sunburst wag platy in my 20 Gallons Fish tank.... Hoping to have my plants grow with it and have my fish feel safer to hide
  6. Jean1984

    How to have my live plants to grow?

    Good Day, I recently added more live plants to my 20 Gallons Fish tank... I am looking for advice on how to have them grow and have a balance aquarium for my sunburst wag platy and my live plants? I m going tomorrow to buy seachem phosphorus to add to my fish tank and help my plants to grow...
  7. Jean1984

    Moving my 20US Gallons

    Good Day, I am looking for recommendations on How to safely move my fish as I am moving into a house in October... I am unsure how to proceed to empty water in my tank while having my fish safely in good treated water ? Does anyone had to transfer a 20Gallons US to another house as fill up...
  8. Jean1984

    Seachem Stability for New Tank Syndrome?

    Good day, I bought an aquarium 20 gallons a month ago and still using Seachem Stability for New Tank Syndrome. I am wondering if I should stop using it now and only use the Seachem prime to detoxify my water? Is it possible to have any of the experts fishkeeper on this? I have a 20 gallons...
  9. Jean1984

    High Level of Ammonia

    Good Day, I have high level of ammonia did two 25% water change in a row and still have high level of ammonia.I added 16 Tbsp of Marineland Zeolite Ammonia Removal in my fish tank in my media filter bag. The bag is too big to go in my filter so i put it at the bottom of my tank. How long...
  10. Jean1984

    New To Fishkeeping - Sunburst Wag Platy

    Good day, I am new to fish keeping. I started a few weeks ago as I always wanted fishies as a kid. Now been time for me to finalize and end up having fishies. I bought 5 Sunburst Wag Platy. Which I find is a great hobby. Sadly after a few weeks my 10 gallons was leaking overnight and I am...