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    300 litre tank, dwarf cichlids stocking advice

    Hi, I have just ordered a new 300 litre aquarium and am trying to come up with a suitable stocking plan. I am hoping to keep a keep a few pairs of dwarf cichlids, a couple of shoals of tetras (possibly including Congo tetras), a plec, and maybe some corys. The footprint of the tank is 115cm x...
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    New tank advice - Oase Highline?

    Hi, I’m looking at buying a new 250-300 litre aquarium plus cabinet. I had been looking at the Fluval Vicenza or Juwel Rio tanks. However, after visiting our local aquarist shop, my wife preferred the look of the Oase Highline 300 tanks (and a condition of me being allowed a new tank is that it...