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  1. Nichola_C

    Corys are having nookie

    Hi everyone. I am pretty sure my 2 sterbai corys are mating. They are normally so lazy and laid back but all of a sudden 1 is chasing/following the other one around, they are both hoovering off the ground together and 1 seems to be nudging the other ones belly. I really wanted to clean the...
  2. Nichola_C

    Amethyst tank

    Hi everyone. Here is my Amythest tank. I used to have fish many many moons ago, I also love crystals so decide to combine the two. I done some research on if it was safe and done the tests on the stones first, (PH and vinegar) all seems OK. I used a file to smooth out some of the more...
  3. Nichola_C

    Does anyone feed their L pleco Mussels?

    Good Evening, Does anyone feed their plecos mussels? My LFS had some frozen ones in the freezer and said to give one as a treat to my new King tiger pleco. Ive defrosted one and stuck it on the end of a skewer so I can find it in the morning. But now I'm stressing about it being left in over...
  4. Nichola_C

    Tank lights

    Hi, I have a fluval flex 123L and was just wondering how long people keep their lights on in the tank. Mine come on and off automatically and was wondering if they are on too long or too bright etc. They come on at 7am and go off at 9pm, the lights dim at about 7pm.
  5. Nichola_C

    Is my Cory injured or is it something else?

    Good evening, Can anyone give me any advice on what is up with my Cory. I have 3 and this is only on one. He/she seems fine, happy and eating normally, but has a dig out of his side. Could it just be hes swam into something or is there any other diseases or illness with Cory's that I need to...
  6. Nichola_C

    Zebra snails and Algae

    Check out these cute little guys. Ive never had snails before and I have no idea why. I love them 🐌😍 I needed something to help clean up the tank, I though a pleco would but I've heard they actually don't clean up as much as I thought. Plus I want a L066 which doesn't even eat algae hahahah...
  7. Nichola_C

    Can i have a L066 AND and bristlenose

    I've got a 123l tank, I love my fish but my heart belongs to a L066. Ive wanted one for ages and I think I'm going to get one. HOWEVER I'm getting alot of brown algea and was thinking of getting a bristlenose to help tackle. Could I get both? Failing that I could get my L066 and then get some...
  8. Nichola_C

    What is the best Algea eating pleco

    I really really want a L066 but not sure they will be the best Algea eaters? Could I get this and also another pleco that is a better Algea eater. They have to stay small if I get both as I gave a 123L tank. Any suggestions on one that will go with the L066
  9. Nichola_C

    Nitrite has spiked

    Emergency help, Everything has been going well, I have been checking levels weekly, doing a 30ltr change weekly on a 123ltr tank. Yesterday I put my bog wood in, which has been soaking for 2 weeks, with a 3 or 4 soaks in the sink with boiling water. And today I checked the levels and the...
  10. Nichola_C

    Drip tray

    Am I meant to have a drip tray...when I Take the tank lid off , it is soaking, is the light ok or should I be having s drip tray. I remember when my dad had fish when I was little and he had a clean plastic perforated lid that went under the lid. (I'm assuming that is a drip tray) Thanks 😊
  11. Nichola_C

    Fish naming.....

    Am I being a complete prat or do you all name your fish? Many moons ago (and I'm talking 20 im old) I used to have a puffer tank with 5 in it. I names them all after the old school rat pack (frankie, Sammy, Dean etc) and the tank was called oceans 11. Just got 3 Cory's and trying...
  12. Nichola_C

    Week 3 cycle... just checking in

    Tank cycling going well. (I think) Been 3 weeks. I also do have 4 Rosie barbs already in there. I need to get the PH down abit as we have very hard water (fluctuates between 350 and 388 ppm) so have ordered a nice big bit of bogwood which should be here in a few days (I will boil 6 hours and...
  13. Nichola_C

    Bog Wood

    Hi everyone, does anyone have any online recommendations for buying some bog wood? I'm very nervous about buying wood. When I was younger we bought some (or what we thought was some) from our LPS and after soaking for a week etc we woke up to find all 6 of our parrot fish dead. 😪 I've also...
  14. Nichola_C

    Quarantine & buying fish

    Hello, does anyone quarantine their new fish before they add them into the main tank? I have a smaller tank that I could use to do this. But not sure they would be too happy in their for a long period as only 30cm cube If so, how long would you recommend it for etc. Also, do people buy their...
  15. Nichola_C

    What are the best fish for hard water

    Hello, After some fish stock questions. What fish are best for hard water (320-330ppm) I've tried to search but nothing seems to come up on the web. I have a 123 Litre tank and currently just have 4 Rosie barbs (which can be moved to another tank if needed) I wanted 2 angels but I've since...
  16. Nichola_C


    Fairly new to all this, trying to learn what I can before stocking the tank. Bought a Fluval flex 123 with delux stand. Checking/testing water, cycling, water changes etc all underway. Exciting times ahead. Hoping to start stocking tank before my big 40 in mid April. (Treated myself as a...