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  1. AbbeysDad

    "There's no such thing as too much filtration"...

    How many times have you seen well meaning hobbyist's write the parroted line "there's no such thing as too much filtration" on forums??? Good filtration is about how well we filter water, not how much or how fast we push water through filter media. And filters merely make water look clearer, but...
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    A Byron update

    Byron continues the good fight but it's an uphill battle with chemo and radiation. His pain has lessened some so he's been able to reduce the amount of Tylenol he takes. His appetite is better which is good because last week and the week before he didn't eat much at all. It's all he can do to...
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    Disaster at Goliad Farms
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    New Hobbyist Primer

    A collection of articles that gives the newer hobbyist insight and knowledge about fishkeeping...
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    Byron Update

    Byron's had a tough time in recovery. Pain, drugs, indigestion/upset stomach..... it's just no fun and he can't wait to get past it all. He seems really down, even though his Doctor's say he's progressing well (easy for them to say!) Anyway, between not feeling well and pain medicine, he's...
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    An Invitation for help...

    Fishy Friends, This past summer I created a Website with a Blog. It has Hobby related featured videos and 70 articles (and growing) on tropical fishkeeping. Would you have a look and let me know what you think? Overall web design as well as articles. Is there missing content you'd like to see...
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    Another Byron Update...

    I heard from Byron today. He's just now home after a week recuperating in the hospital. The surgery was more involved than anticipated and he's had a bit of a tough week. I guess after 3 days of no food or water, when they started him on a liquid diet, it all came back and then some! He's just...
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    I just heard from Byron. His surgery was more involved than anticipated - he's hopeful that they got it all. He's in pain and on drugs so the message was short. His recovery will likely be slow and difficult. He wants everyone to know that all of the well wishes have been gratefully received...
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    Goliad Farms

    I've always been a 'cheerleader' for routine partial water changes. But at Goliad Farms in South Texas, there are no filters except for PLANTS in his greenhouse system he does top offs only. Check out the Aquarium Co Op video in this Goliad Farms Tour.
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    Fingers crossed for my friend (and yours) Byron

    Surgery was yesterday. It was planned to be a pretty major effort in an attempt to beat the big evil "C". We left it that he would get in touch when he was up to it and able so I'll keep you all posted as soon as I hear anything. In the meantime - POWER of POSITIVE THOUGHT and or PRAYERS. Thank-you
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    The Most Expensive Koi in the world....

    The most expensive Koi in the world sold for $1.8 MILLION DOLLARS... Then died two months later! Believe it or not!
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    Byron Update

    I heard from Byron yesterday. He's gaining strength, but still dealing with problems and pain from time to time. His major surgery is scheduled for next Tuesday 10/27 so keep those positive thoughts and prayers going!
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    My Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 LED light story...
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    Byron Update

    Byron has had to go to emergency twice since his surgery. He has learned that an even more serious surgery will be required. With no immediate family, he faces this all alone. Please keep those well wishes coming.
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    As most of you know Byron has been dealing with Cancer for a long time. I noticed his absence here so I contacted him. Although he's been in remission, a flare up resulted in a related surgery last week and in his words, he's having the worst episode of his life. He is home now recuperating. I'm...
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    And Then There Was Drought
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    A new friend

    In my Blog, I posted about collecting free fish food. In an experiment this year I also set up a 5' round kiddie pool and seeded it with some Red Russian Daphnia. After a week or so, I had a new friend. Here's a closer look: Now I have a 5g bucket I sit on across from him to collect daphnia...
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    Kicking the hobby up a notch

    I'm not sure if this is against the rules, so a Mod may need to set me straight. I've decided to turn the hobby into a small business so I've created a website MJV Aquatics. I invite you to have a look and let me know what you think. I've captured a few cool videos and am developing a growing...
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    Interesting observation

    In my 110g stock tank (with 40g sump) I have what appears to be a sphagnum moss growing on the upper side of the tank. Quite like the terrestrial moss you'd see on the ground and on rocks in shaded, damp areas. It's in a couple of places. No idea how it got there. This tank has water sprite...
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    Oh NO!

    Or as Walter would say "Holy Crap" .... not only is it snowing outside (bad enough), but with this forum upgrade, it's snowing on my screen!!!!