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    Problem Barbs!

    In all the years that I have been keeping fish, I have never seen this before. First I had a Male Tiger Barb that was swimming around the tank erratically, spinning around in circles and darting everywhere. going nose up and just sitting like that for a few seconds and then darting around again...
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    Suction cup cure

    I read different things about suction cups not staying stuck to the inside of the aquariums the way that they are supposed to and I have had issues with this myself. I think that I have found the cure to the problem. I just recently tried this and it seems to be working. I just cleaned my Plant...
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    Arizona Aqua Gardens

    I made the mistake last month of shopping for Marbled Hatchetfish and Mature Bristle nosed Plecostomus and I unfortunately found Arizona Aqua Gardens. I ordered 2 LARGE 2inch Bristle Nosed Plecostomus and 8 Marbled Hatchetfish. When they arrived it was 4 weeks later, 6 Hatchetfish were not only...
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    My name is Charlie

    I was a small boy when my mother got me my first aquarium and it blossomed from there. I am a retired truck driver that had a heart attack years ago that pushed me into early retirement at age 60. for 30 years my tanks sat in storage waiting for the day that I would have time to set them all up...